What is Arkadium’s revenue sharing model for developers?

What is Arkadium's revenue sharing model for developers?

Arkadium Unveils Platform for Developers with Unprecedented 75% Revenue Share

Arkadium Powers Growth of Browser-Based Gaming (BBGs)

New York, April 24, 2024 – Arkadium, a leading force in browser-based games (BBGs), has announced the launch of Arkadium for Developers, a groundbreaking platform that allows third-party developers to tap into their vast distribution network and drive the future of BBGs.

This bold initiative marks a significant milestone for Arkadium’s 20-year history, as it opens its platform to external developers for the first time. Developers can now submit their titles to Arkadium’s esteemed distribution network, which reaches millions of players worldwide.

Developer-First Approach

Arkadium’s developer-first approach is evident in its industry-best 75% revenue sharing model. This generous arrangement ensures that developers are fairly compensated for their creativity and hard work. The company is actively seeking a curated portfolio of high-quality games that align with their vision of delivering engaging and accessible entertainment to players of all ages.

Reaching a Global Audience

Arkadium’s distribution network extends far beyond a single URL, reaching over 300 game channels on major web destinations like The Washington Post, AARP, DailyMail, and USA Today. This global reach gives developers the opportunity to showcase their games to a massive and diverse audience.

A New Era of BBGs

The launch of Arkadium for Developers signals a new era for BBGs. Industry veteran Dan Butchko, newly appointed as Arkadium’s Director of Developer Relations, will lead external development partnerships and foster the growth of the BBG category alongside Arkadium’s own portfolio of in-house games.

Quotes from Leadership

“I’m thrilled to join Arkadium as we build the future of browser-based games,” said Dan Butchko. “With Arkadium’s unparalleled experience in the industry, we are now empowering developers worldwide to join our platform and unlock the potential of this rapidly growing category.”

Arkadium’s CEO and Co-Founder, Kenny Rosenblatt, added, “Arkadium for Developers is our next step in transforming the BBG landscape. By collaborating with the most talented developers, we aim to deliver exceptional games that captivate our global audience.”

Benefits for Developers

  • Access to Arkadium’s vast distribution network
  • Industry-best 75% revenue sharing model
  • Support from Arkadium’s experienced team of professionals
  • Opportunity to contribute to the growth of BBGs
  • A platform for showcasing innovative and engaging games to a massive audience

Call to Action

Developers are encouraged to visit Arkadium’s website to learn more about Arkadium for Developers and submit their titles. Arkadium is committed to fostering a thriving BBG ecosystem and welcomes developers to join their journey in revolutionizing the gaming landscape.

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