How to Save Xbox Game Captures Externally? Preserving Your Digital Memories

How to Save Xbox Game Captures Externally? Preserving Your Digital Memories

Xbox Game Capture Expiration: Preserving Your Digital Moments

Attention, Xbox gamers: Microsoft has announced that they will begin deleting game captures older than 90 days from the Xbox Network on May 30th, 2024. While some may have already received a similar notice in October 2023, it remains unclear if the deletions commenced at that time. This impending purge affects only Xbox Network-stored captures, leaving local captures untouched.

Backup and Transfer Options

To protect your cherished gameplay memories, Microsoft strongly advises backing up important captures externally. You can easily transfer captures to an external USB drive or your OneDrive account. The Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One feature an automatic upload function to OneDrive, ensuring the preservation of your most memorable moments.

Bypassing Network Storage

If you prefer not to store your captures on the Xbox Network, you can adjust your settings to save directly to an external USB or OneDrive. Simply navigate to “My Games & Apps” > “Apps” > “Captures” and choose your preferred storage destination.

User Impact

This change will require Xbox users to be proactive in backing up their captures. Those who rely on Xbox Network storage will need to modify their settings to save captures elsewhere. Additionally, users with limited OneDrive space may need to consider purchasing more storage or exploring alternative options.

Additional Considerations

Despite this change, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One users will still be able to capture and store screenshots and clips locally. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will continue to benefit from cloud saves, including game captures. Microsoft’s rationale for deleting Xbox Network captures remains unknown, but speculation points to storage costs and the company’s initiative to encourage local or OneDrive storage.

Quotes from the Community

“I’ve got years of gameplay memories captured on Xbox Live. I can’t imagine losing them all,” said avid Xbox gamer, Mark Jenkins. “I’m definitely going to start backing up my captures to my external hard drive.”

TrueAchievements, a website dedicated to Xbox achievements, expressed concern for their achievement guides, which rely on uploaded clips. “We’re working on converting uploaded clips into YouTube videos to ensure that our guides remain intact,” said TrueAchievements founder, Richard Li.


As the May 30th, 2024 deadline approaches, Xbox gamers are urged to take proactive measures to preserve their precious game captures. Microsoft’s upcoming deletion policy highlights the importance of managing digital assets and ensuring their longevity.

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