What Can We Expect from AirTag 2? Enhanced Precision and Advanced Features Unveiled

By Divya May 20, 2024 #AirTag 2 #Apple #UWB Chip
What Can We Expect from AirTag 2? Enhanced Precision and Advanced Features Unveiled

AirTag 2: Enhanced Precision and New Features Coming in 2025

Apple’s AirTag, a popular item tracker, is set to receive an upgrade in 2025. According to reliable sources, Apple is gearing up to launch the second-generation AirTag, codenamed B589, with significant improvements in location tracking and functionality.

Upgraded Chip for Enhanced Tracking

The most notable upgrade in AirTag 2 is expected to be a more advanced chip with improved location tracking. It is rumored to feature the same second-generation Ultra-Wideband (UWB) chip found in the latest iPhone 15 and Apple Watch models. This chip significantly increases the tracking range, allowing AirTag 2 to locate items over greater distances.

Originally, the U1 chip had a limited range of only a few meters. However, the second-generation UWB chip extends this range to an impressive 60 meters. This enhancement enables a new “Precision Finding” feature that allows users to locate their friends with greater accuracy.

Expanded Functionality

Beyond tracking improvements, AirTag 2 may also introduce new shapes and accessories. While specific details are scarce, Apple is known for innovating with its product lines. Different shapes could cater to a wider range of use cases, such as attaching AirTags to pets or vehicles. New accessories would further enhance the versatility of the device.

Anticipated Release and Expectations

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that AirTag 2 is scheduled for release around mid-2025. The original AirTag was announced in April 2021, suggesting a similar time frame for its successor.

Users can expect an AirTag 2 that is more precise in locating their belongings, thanks to the upgraded chip. The potential introduction of new shapes and accessories would further expand its utility. Overall, the second-generation AirTag is poised to offer enhanced convenience and peace of mind for those seeking to safeguard their valuables.

Let’s stay tuned for further updates and rumors surrounding the upcoming AirTag 2 release. Share your thoughts and expectations in the comments section below.

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