What are the advanced features of Ayaneo’s Pocket Micro and how does it compare to the Pocket DMG?

What are the advanced features of Ayaneo's Pocket Micro and how does it compare to the Pocket DMG?

AYANEO Reimagines Portable Retro Gaming with Pocket DMG and Pocket Micro

AYANEO, a leader in handheld gaming PCs, has announced two innovative emulator-centric handhelds: the Pocket DMG and Pocket Micro. These devices aim to revitalize retro gaming with modern upgrades and nostalgic designs.

AYANEO Pocket DMG: A Fresh Take on Game Boy

Inspired by the beloved Nintendo Game Boy DMG-01, the Pocket DMG brings classic gaming into the 21st century. Its vibrant 419ppi OLED screen offers crystal-clear visuals, while the Qualcomm G3x Gen 2 processor ensures smooth gameplay. An active cooling system prevents overheating during intense sessions.

AYANEO Pocket Micro: GBA Gaming in Your Pocket

The Pocket Micro is a compact masterpiece designed for Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulation. Its 3.5-inch IPS panel boasts a sharp 960×640 resolution and 4x integer scaling for enhanced visuals. The MediaTek Helio G99 chip delivers ample power for seamless GBA gameplay and other retro gaming tasks.

Enhanced Gaming with AG01 Graphics Starship eGPU Dock

AYANEO’s AG01 Graphics Starship eGPU dock unlocks enhanced gaming capabilities for the Pocket DMG and Pocket Micro. By connecting via Oculink or USB4, this external enclosure houses an AMD Radeon RX 7600M GPU. The dock boosts graphical performance, enabling users to enjoy demanding retro and modern games.

Super Famicom-Themed Power Bank

The Super Famicom-themed retro power bank is a nostalgic companion for portable gaming. Featuring a built-in OLED display, it monitors power levels and provides a massive 45.6Wh (12,000mAh) battery capacity. Multiple USB-C ports ensure convenient charging for devices on the go.

Refreshed Mac-Inspired Mini-PC

AYANEO has updated its Mac-inspired mini-PC with improved specifications. The tilting display and upgraded AMD Ryzen processors enhance performance and multitasking capabilities. Ethernet connectivity, ample USB ports, and efficient cooling make it a versatile computing solution for enthusiasts.

Availability and Pricing

AYANEO has not yet released details on the release dates or pricing for its Pocket DMG, Pocket Micro, eGPU dock, power bank, and mini-PC. The Retro Power Bank is expected to arrive soon, with further information on the other devices being announced at a later date.


AYANEO’s Pocket DMG and Pocket Micro offer a fresh take on emulator-centric handheld gaming. Their powerful hardware, compact designs, and nostalgic aesthetics are bound to appeal to retro gaming enthusiasts. The AG01 eGPU dock, Retro Power Bank, and updated mini-PC further expand the capabilities and convenience of these devices. As more information becomes available, the gaming community eagerly awaits the arrival of these innovative products.

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