What Are the Popular Carriers for Smartphones in Japan for Users with Multiple Phones?

What Are the Popular Carriers for Smartphones in Japan for Users with Multiple Phones?

**Mobile Phone Market Trends in Japan: Carriers for Multi-Phone Users**

In Japan, where mobile phones have become an indispensable part of daily life, a recent survey reveals insights into the preferences of users who own multiple phones.

**Main Phone Carriers**

NTT Docomo, the largest mobile carrier in Japan, holds a significant lead in market share among users with multiple phones. 47.2% of respondents cited NTT Docomo as their primary carrier, followed by SoftBank with 20.2% and Au with 15.8%.

**Secondary Phone Carriers**

When it comes to secondary phones, the carrier ranking shifts slightly. NTT Docomo remains the most popular choice, with 40.7% of respondents using it for their second device. However, Au (16.8%), MVNOs (14.6%), Rakuten Mobile (14.1%), and SoftBank (13.8%) all have sizable shares in this market.

**Reasons for Single-Carrier Use**

Interestingly, around half of the respondents reported using the same carrier for both their primary and secondary phones. This preference for single-carrier use stems from financial benefits such as family discounts, set discounts, and more efficient point accumulation.

**MVNOs and Rakuten Mobile**

While MVNOs and Rakuten Mobile are less popular as primary phone carriers, they have gained traction as cost-effective options for secondary devices. These operators lease communication lines from major carriers and offer lower-cost plans, appealing to users looking to save on phone expenses.


The survey findings underscore the dominance of NTT Docomo as the preferred carrier for multiple-phone users in Japan. The company’s extensive network coverage, reliable service, and loyalty programs continue to attract a significant portion of the market. However, other carriers, including SoftBank, Au, MVNOs, and Rakuten Mobile, continue to compete fiercely for a share of this lucrative market.

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