What are the criticisms of Signal’s encryption and how is Elon Musk involved in the encryption wars?

What are the criticisms of Signal's encryption and how is Elon Musk involved in the encryption wars?

Signal’s Encryption under Scrutiny: Elon Musk Joins the Encryption Wars


The encryption wars between Telegram and Signal have taken a dramatic turn with the involvement of influential tech mogul Elon Musk. Signal, known for its robust encryption, has faced criticism from Telegram CEO Pavel Durov and conservative activist Christopher Rufo, propelling Musk to voice his own concerns and accusing Signal of unaddressed vulnerabilities.

Telegram’s Attack on Signal’s Encryption

Durov, in a public post on Telegram, claimed that Signal’s encryption was compromised and accused the app of being insecure. He alleged that the US government had invested $3 million in Signal’s encryption, casting doubt on its reliability. However, Signal has maintained the integrity of its open-source encryption protocol.

Christopher Rufo’s Allegations

Rufo, in an article targeting Signal Foundation’s chairman, Katherine Maher, labeled her as a “US-backed agent of regime change.” He accused her of suppressing conservative viewpoints on Wikipedia, implying that Signal users should question its trustworthiness. However, there is no evidence that Maher has altered Signal’s encryption or changed its mission.

Elon Musk’s Reversal on Signal

Musk, who previously endorsed Signal for its privacy features, has since changed his stance. In response to Rufo’s article, he cryptically tweeted about unspecified vulnerabilities within Signal. Signal president Meredith Whittaker responded by highlighting the app’s open-source code and commitment to user privacy.

A Campaign to Maligned Signal?

Cryptographer Matthew Green suggests that Telegram, with Musk’s assistance, has launched a smear campaign against Signal to divert users towards its own less secure platform. Green emphasizes that Telegram does not end-to-end encrypt conversations by default, making it vulnerable to surveillance.


The encryption wars have escalated with Elon Musk’s involvement. While Signal maintains its open-source encryption and commitment to privacy, the accusations and criticisms have raised concerns among users. As the controversy continues, it is crucial for individuals to understand the risks and benefits of different messaging apps and make informed choices based on their privacy and security preferences.
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