OnePlus Android 15 Update: Release Timeline and Features Revealed

By Divya Jun 10, 2024 #OnePlus #OxygenOS

OnePlus Android 15 Update: When to Expect It for Different Models


Hold on, OnePlus fans! The latest version of Android, Android 15, is just around the corner. OnePlus has already kicked off the testing phase with the release of the Android 15 beta for some OnePlus devices. Here’s everything you need to know about when your OnePlus phone will get the official update.

**When Will OnePlus Release Android 15?**

OnePlus is ahead of the curve this year and plans to start rolling out Android 15 updates in November for the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open. Other devices will follow in the coming months.

* **OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open:** Mid- to late November
* **OnePlus 11, OnePlus 11R, OnePlus 12R:** November-December
* **OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus 10T, OnePlus 10R:** Late December or early 2025
* **OnePlus Nord 3, Nord CE3, CE3 Lite, Nord CE4:** Early 2025

**What to Expect From OxygenOS 15**

OnePlus’s custom software, OxygenOS, will receive a refresh with the release of Android 15. Here’s what you can expect:

* **AI Enhancements:** OnePlus devices will be among the few non-Pixel phones to feature Google’s Gemini AI models, bringing generative AI controls, image editing tools, and more.
* **Android 15 Features:** Enjoy Google’s new private space feature, battery optimizations, improved security, and support for satellite connectivity.
* **UI Improvements:** Expect new lock screen settings, an enhanced always-on display with more options, and tweaks to the notification shade and volume controls.

**Which OnePlus Phones Will Get Android 15?**

OnePlus has confirmed the following devices will receive the Android 15 (OxygenOS 15) update:

* OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open
* OnePlus 11, OnePlus 11R, OnePlus 12R
* OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus 10T, OnePlus 10R
* OnePlus Nord 3, Nord CE3, CE3 Lite, Nord CE4

**Which OnePlus Phones Will Not Get Android 15?**

Unfortunately, some older OnePlus phones won’t make the cut for the Android 15 update. These include:

* OnePlus 9 series
* OnePlus Nord 2 series
* OnePlus N30


While the wait for Android 15 may be over for some OnePlus phones later this year, others may have to bid farewell to major software updates. Remember, these release dates are estimates and can change. Keep an eye out for more updates as the beta testing continues and the official rollout approaches.

By Divya

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