Google Ventures Into India: Exporting Pixel Phones to Europe and US

Google Ventures Into India

Google’s Manufacturing Expansion in India: Pixel Phones for Export

New Era of Production

Google is joining Apple in the pursuit of manufacturing its Pixel smartphones in India, with plans to export the devices to Europe and the US. According to reports, this move is part of the company’s strategy to boost domestic production and leverage the government’s production-linked incentive (PLI) program.

Manufacturing Partners

Google has partnered with two prominent manufacturers for this venture: Foxconn and Dixon Technologies. Foxconn, known for producing Apple devices, will handle trial production in Tamil Nadu and manufacture the Pro variants of Pixel phones. Dixon Technologies will focus on producing the base variants.

Export Plans

Once production stabilizes, Google intends to export Pixel phones to Europe, followed by the US market. This aligns with the growing demand for smartphones in these regions and Google’s desire to establish a global supply chain.

Domestic Manufacturing Push

The Indian government’s PLI program aims to incentivize domestic manufacturing of electronic devices. Google’s investment in Pixel phone production in India is a testament to the program’s effectiveness in attracting major players to the country.

Export Potential

Experts believe that Google’s decision to export Pixel phones from India reflects the country’s growing manufacturing capabilities. Tarun Pathak of Counterpoint Research notes, “With less than 1 percent share in India, Google will need export volumes of pixel devices to scale its manufacturing. Hence, there are high chances of exporting outside India.”

Pixel 9 Series Launch

Ahead of the production ramp-up, Google is set to launch its Pixel 9 series in India on August 13. The expected upgrades include faster fingerprint scanners, improved camera systems, and a refreshed design.

Challenges and Opportunities

While Google’s manufacturing expansion in India holds great potential, challenges remain. Scaling production to meet demand, maintaining quality standards, and managing logistics are crucial considerations. However, the company’s partnership with experienced manufacturers and the government’s support should mitigate these challenges.


Google’s decision to manufacture and export Pixel phones in India marks a significant step in the country’s electronics ecosystem. This move aligns with the government’s push for domestic production, strengthens the global supply chain, and opens new opportunities for consumers in India and beyond.

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