Cambridge Audios Melomania P100 Headphones: Elevate Your Listening Experience with Custom Drivers and Class AB Amplification

Cambridge Audio's Melomania P100 Headphones


Cambridge Audio’s Melomania P100 Headphones Use Premium Audio Technology for an Immersive Listening Experience


Cambridge Audio, renowned for its expertise in audio engineering, has introduced the Melomania P100 wireless headphones, promising an exceptional audio experience. With its advanced features and premium components, the P100 is designed to captivate audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

Custom Drivers and Class AB Amplification

At the heart of the P100 headphones are custom 40mm drivers and neodymium magnets. These drivers are paired with Class AB amplification, a technology typically found in high-end hi-fi systems. Class AB amplifiers deliver a warm, detailed, and distortion-free sound, providing a more immersive and enjoyable listening experience.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound Platform

The Melomania P100 utilizes Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound platform, which enables wireless playback with CD-quality audio. The aptX Lossless codec supports 24-bit/96kHz audio, ensuring a lossless and uncompressed listening experience.

Active Noise Cancellation with Multiple Modes

The headphones feature advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, offering three user-selectable settings: No ANC, Transparency Mode, and ANC On. These modes allow users to tailor the level of noise cancellation to their environment, whether they need to block out distractions or stay aware of their surroundings.

Comfortable and Durable Design

The P100 headphones are designed for extended listening sessions with their plush memory foam earpads and faux leather covering for exceptional comfort. The headband is constructed with a textile-padded material to reduce pressure on the wearer’s head. The headphones are also built to withstand wear and tear, ensuring years of reliable use.

Extended Battery Life with Fast Charging

The Melomania P100 boasts an impressive 60 hours of playtime with ANC turned on. With ANC turned off, the battery life extends to a remarkable 100 hours. A quick 5-minute charge provides up to two hours of playback with ANC enabled or four hours without ANC.

Melomania Connect App for Customization

Cambridge Audio’s Melomania Connect app allows users to customize the audio experience to their liking. The app offers a 7-band EQ for precise sonic adjustments and six presets optimized for different musical genres.

Gaming Mode

A dedicated Gaming Mode ensures near-perfect sync between audio and visuals during gaming or watching movies. The latency has been reduced to a mere 80ms, minimizing delays and enhancing the immersive gaming experience.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is a priority for Cambridge Audio. The Melomania P100 headphones are made with 50% recycled plastic and arrive in 100% recyclable plastic-free packaging. Both the battery and earpads are user-replaceable, further extending the headphones’ lifespan.


The Cambridge Audio Melomania P100 wireless headphones set a new benchmark for premium audio quality, comfort, and battery life. With its custom drivers, Class AB amplification, Snapdragon Sound technology, and advanced ANC, the P100 delivers an immersive and unforgettable listening experience. Its durable design, sustainable materials, and customizable app make it an excellent choice for discerning audiophiles and anyone seeking exceptional headphones.


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