Apple’s iOS 17.5 Release Date Revealed Alongside Vibrant Pride Edition Collection and Support for LGBTQ+ Organizations

Apple's iOS 17.5 Release Date Revealed Alongside Vibrant Pride Edition Collection and Support for LGBTQ+ Organizations

Apple’s iOS 17.5 Expected to Launch Alongside Vibrant Pride Edition Collection

Apple’s annual Pride Collection is set to make a striking debut this year, coinciding with the highly anticipated iOS 17.5 release. The latest collection showcases a vibrant Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop band, illuminating the spirit of LGBTQ+ communities.

Pride Edition Band: A Neon Statement

The Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop band is designed to turn heads with its fluorescent yarn and sleek laser-etched “PRIDE 2024” inscription. Available in both 41mm and 45mm sizes, it complements Apple Watch Series 4 and later, as well as all Apple Watch SE models.

With a launch date set for May 22nd in the US and Canada (and May 23rd globally), the band will retail for $99. Its one-piece design offers a comfortable and secure fit, adding a touch of brilliance to any wrist.

Supporting LGBTQ+ Organizations

While Apple does not explicitly state that proceeds from Pride band sales will be directed to LGBTQ+ charities, the company has a history of supporting various organizations dedicated to empowering these communities. Notably, Apple has extended its support to ILGA World, Human Rights Campaign, The Trevor Project, Equality Texas, and the National Center for Transgender Equality.

iOS 17.5 Release: Watch for the Clues

Apple’s Pride Collection announcements often reveal hints about upcoming iOS updates. In this case, the reference to “soon” for the release of Pride wallpapers and watchfaces suggests that iOS 17.5 may be on the horizon. Previous betas for iOS 17.5 have introduced features like sideloading support for EU users and the ability to maintain Find My on iPhones during repairs.

Beyond the Band: Dynamic Wallpaper and Watchface

Accompanying the Pride Edition band, Apple will release a series of vibrant wallpapers and a watchface designed to celebrate the diversity and resilience of LGBTQ+ communities. These additions will enhance the visual impact of the latest Pride Collection and further express the message of inclusivity and acceptance.

Apple’s commitment to equality and diversity is evident in its support of LGBTQ+ organizations and the creation of products that empower and inspire their communities. The 2024 Pride Collection serves as a testament to this ongoing dedication, spreading a message of love, respect, and inclusion.

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