How Does the New ‘Repair State’ Mode in iOS 17.5 Keep Anti-Theft Measures on During iPhone Repairs?

How Does the New 'Repair State' Mode in iOS 17.5 Keep Anti-Theft Measures on During iPhone Repairs?

## Apple’s New ‘Repair State’ Mode: Keeping Your iPhone Protected During Repairs

If you’ve ever had to send your iPhone in for repairs, you know the drill: you have to turn off Find My and Activation Lock, which can leave your device vulnerable to theft or unauthorized access. But with the upcoming iOS 17.5 update, Apple is introducing a new “Repair State” mode that will allow you to keep these anti-theft measures activated even while your phone is getting fixed.

No More Disabling Find My

Previously, Apple required users to disable Find My before sending their iPhones in for repair. This was done to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the device and disabling Find My, which could make it more difficult to locate the phone if it was lost or stolen. However, this requirement could be inconvenient for users who forgot to disable Find My before bringing their phone to the repair shop.

Enter Repair State

With Repair State mode, users will be able to enter a special state that allows them to confirm that their phone is being repaired by an authorized service provider. To do this, they will need to enter their Apple ID and password. Once Repair State is activated, the phone will remain fully functional, but Find My and Activation Lock will remain active. This means that users can continue to track their phone from other devices, and unauthorized users will not be able to access the device without the user’s permission.

When to Expect It

Apple is expected to release iOS 17.5 in May, and the new Repair State mode will be available to users in the European Union. Apple has not yet announced when Repair State mode will be available in other regions.

Additional Features in iOS 17.5

In addition to Repair State mode, iOS 17.5 is also expected to include a number of other new features, including:

* The ability for users to download apps from the web, rather than just from the App Store.
* A new “Custom Accessibility Mode” that allows users to create and save their own custom accessibility settings.
* A new “Lockdown Mode” that is designed to protect users from targeted cyberattacks.

Overall, iOS 17.5 is a significant update that includes a number of new features and improvements that will benefit iPhone users.

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