Sheamus Ends Bitter Rivalry with GUNTHER: The Reason Behind ‘No Part 4’

Sheamus Ends Bitter Rivalry with GUNTHER

Sheamus Ends Gruesome Rivalry with GUNTHER: “No Part 4”

Prelude: Sheamus’ Bloody Aftermath

WWE star Sheamus has thrown in the towel on his bitter rivalry with GUNTHER, following a brutal loss on this week’s “WWE Raw.” To prove his point, he posted a gruesome photo on social media revealing the scars left on his chest after a savage beating from the former Intercontinental Champion.

“There Will Be No Part 4”

Accompanying the image, Sheamus made a resounding declaration: “There will be no part 4.” The statement effectively ends their heated feud, which has spanned numerous matches and left both wrestlers battered and bruised.

GUNTHER’s Dominance Prevails

The latest chapter in their rivalry played out during the first-round match of the King of the Ring tournament on “Raw.” Sheamus fought tooth and nail, but GUNTHER’s relentless attacks proved too much. Targeting Sheamus’ knee, GUNTHER secured a victory via Boston Crab submission.

This is not the first time GUNTHER has triumphed over the Irish star. In 2022, he defeated Sheamus at the Clash at the Castle and on a subsequent episode of “WWE SmackDown.” GUNTHER also emerged victorious at WrestleMania 39, retaining the Intercontinental Championship in a triple-threat match against Sheamus and Drew McIntyre.

Sheamus’ Acknowledgment of Defeat

Despite his recent return from injury and two impressive wins prior to facing GUNTHER, Sheamus acknowledged the superiority of his opponent. He expressed his frustration publicly, ending their bitter rivalry on a note of mutual respect.

The Road Ahead for GUNTHER

With his victory over Sheamus, GUNTHER advances to the quarter-finals of the King of the Ring tournament. He will face either Rey Mysterio or Kofi Kingston next week on “Raw.”

GUNTHER’s Post-Match Revelation

In a backstage interview, GUNTHER revealed that his victory over Sheamus went “just as planned.” He expressed satisfaction with the outcome, indicating that he remains a force to be reckoned with in the WWE.

Fan Appreciation for Sheamus

Despite his loss, Sheamus received a standing ovation from the crowd in Hartford, Connecticut, after “Raw” went off the air. The gesture serves as a testament to his enduring popularity and the hard-fought battle he put up against GUNTHER.


The Sheamus-GUNTHER feud has come to an end, leaving a trail of broken bodies and bruised egos. While GUNTHER emerged victorious, Sheamus’ unwavering determination and public acknowledgment of defeat have earned him the respect of both fans and opponents. As the King of the Ring tournament progresses, GUNTHER remains a formidable contender, while Sheamus looks to rebuild and reclaim his former glory.

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