Gunther Lauds Ilja Dragunov as the Next Superstar to Ignite WWE’s Main Roster Post WrestleMania

Gunther Lauds Ilja Dragunov as the Next Superstar to Ignite WWE's Main Roster Post WrestleMania

## Gunther Lauds Ilja Dragunov as the Next Superstar to Ignite the Main Roster

After revitalizing the Intercontinental Championship’s legacy, Gunther, known as The Ring General, has extended his praise to a former rival, setting the stage for a potential shift in WWE’s landscape.

Dragunov’s Potential Explodes Before the Draft

Ahead of the annual WWE Draft, Gunther singled out Ilja Dragunov, a former NXT and NXT UK Champion, as a rising star poised to make a major impact. Speaking on Gorilla Position, Gunther expressed his admiration for Dragunov’s exceptional performances, describing him as “somebody waiting to explode right now.”

With the Draft approaching, Gunther’s words carry significant weight. Dragunov, who recently competed on RAW, is widely regarded as a breakout performer in WWE’s developmental system.

Imperium’s Transformation Under Gunther

Gunther’s endorsement of Dragunov coincides with a notable change within his faction, Imperium. Following a series of setbacks, The Ring General expelled Giovanni Vinci from the group, citing his subpar performance.

Imperium’s struggles have stemmed from Vinci’s underwhelming run, especially after Gunther’s historic reign as the Intercontinental Champion ended at WrestleMania. The Ring General’s decision to remove Vinci suggests a strategic shift within the faction.

Speculation on Vinci’s Replacement

With Vinci’s departure, speculation has arisen about a potential addition to Imperium. Gunther’s emphasis on Dragunov’s potential has fueled rumors that the former NXT star may fill the void left by Vinci.

If Dragunov joins Imperium, it would mark a significant development. His alliance with Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser would create a formidable force on the main roster, further elevating the faction’s status.


Gunther’s praise for Ilja Dragunov and the ongoing transformation of Imperium have ignited excitement within the WWE Universe. As the Draft edges closer, all eyes will be on Dragunov and Imperium to determine their future trajectory. Whether Dragunov joins the faction or emerges independently, his potential to become a major force on the main roster is undeniable.

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