How do Rewind Rounds and The Corruption Spreads synergize in Destiny 2’s Outbreak Perfected?


Outbreak Perfected: A New Era of Primary Weapon Dominance

Rewind Rounds: The Game-Changer

Destiny 2’s latest craftable Exotic variant, Outbreak Perfected, has taken the meta by storm, thanks in large part to its coveted Rewind Rounds perk. This remarkable perk eliminates the weapon’s long-standing flaw – its sluggish reload time. Now, Outbreak Perfected’s magazine refills automatically upon emptying, based on the number of shots landed.

The Corruption Spreads: Unleashing Maximum Power

Outbreak Perfected’s Exotic perk, The Corruption Spreads, creates SIVA nanite swarms upon rapid hits and precision kills. These swarms significantly boost the weapon’s DPS against formidable foes.

Synergy Unparalleled: Rewind Rounds and Corruption Spreads Intertwine

The synergy between Rewind Rounds and The Corruption Spreads is truly remarkable. By mitigating the need for frequent reloads, Rewind Rounds allows players to focus on landing precision hits, maximizing the generation of SIVA nanite swarms.

This increased swarm production not only enhances Outbreak Perfected’s damage output but also amplifies the potency of Parasitism, another perk unique to the weapon. Parasitism further boosts Outbreak Perfected’s add-clear potential.

Dominating the Field

The combination of these perks elevates Outbreak Perfected far beyond its previous iteration. Its efficacy against Champions, despite being a primary weapon, is a testament to its newfound power. Players can seamlessly transition between rapid hits and precision kills, keeping the nanite swarms flowing and maximizing Outbreak Perfected’s dominance in PVE encounters.


With its craftable variant and the synergy between its perks, Outbreak Perfected has emerged as one of Destiny 2’s premier primary weapons. Its ability to handle Champions, its potent add-clearing capabilities, and its overall effectiveness in both solo and group play make it a must-have for any Guardian seeking the best that the game has to offer.

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