What is the new rewards system for Destiny 2 bounties called and how does it work?

What is the new rewards system for Destiny 2 bounties called and how does it work?

Destiny 2: The Final Shape – Bounty Revamp Unveiled

Revamping the Bounty System

Bungie’s upcoming expansion, “The Final Shape,” heralds significant changes to Destiny 2’s bounty system. Bounties tied to core activities like Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit will now fall under a new reward system known as the “Ritual Pathfinder.” This streamlined approach simplifies weekly challenges and guarantees potent loot.

Bounty Hoarding Discouraged

Prior to the expansion’s launch, all ritual bounties will be automatically discarded. This decision aims to prevent players from stockpiling bounties for the new system, as they will no longer be usable under the upcoming mechanics.

Introducing the Ritual Pathfinder

The Ritual Pathfinder consolidates ritual bounties and weekly challenges into a single, user-friendly system. Rather than interacting with multiple vendors and challenges for each activity, players can now seamlessly complete objectives and earn rewards through the unified Ritual Pathfinder.

Unaffected Aspects

Vendors and challenges not directly associated with ritual activities, such as Banshee-44 and weapon-centric quests, will remain unaffected by these changes.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape – Pre-Expansion Preparations

Unlock the Prismatic Subclass

This expansion introduces the “Prismatic” subclass, a potent combination of abilities from both Light and Dark subclasses. Acquiring this subclass will enhance players’ buildcrafting possibilities.

Stock Up on Bounties (Optional)

While not essential, stockpiling bounties can provide a quick boost for season pass progression. However, this strategy becomes less relevant in the long run.

Acquire Powerful Weapons

Engaging in Onslaught and Pantheon activities unlocks opportunities to obtain powerful weapons like the Envious Assassin/Bait and Switch Edge Transit grenade launcher. Completing weapon-focused quests enhances the chances of finding rare loot.

Earn Wish Tokens

During the Season of the Wish, players can collect seven wish tokens exchangeable for red-border weapons and exotic armor. Completing Mara Sov’s quests grants these tokens, offering valuable upgrades for the upcoming expansion.

Vault Management and Housekeeping

Decluttering the vault by discarding unwanted weapons and armor creates space for new acquisitions. Expanding the vault by 100 slots is recommended to accommodate the influx of new gear.

Obtain the Superblack Shader

Maxing out the vendor rank with Lord Shaxx in the Hall of Champions unlocks the Superblack shader. This cosmetic option provides players with unique customization choices.


Destiny 2 players are encouraged to embrace these pre-expansion recommendations. By acquiring powerful weapons, completing challenges, and streamlining their resources, they can seamlessly transition into the game’s next exciting chapter. The consolidation of the bounty system and the introduction of the Prismatic subclass promise to enhance the Destiny 2 experience with added efficiency and depth.

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