What is the rumored superweapon being teased in Helldivers 2 and who is believed to be working on it?

What is the rumored superweapon being teased in Helldivers 2 and who is believed to be working on it?

Helldivers 2 Players Think Arrowhead Is About To Blow Up A Planet

The Galactic War might be about to heat up a little. Helldivers 2 appears to be teasing the potential introduction of a “superweapon” in the near future. Fans are now speculating on the possibility of this being a planet-cracking weapon, after leaks hinted at the potential destruction of an entire planet. It’s also theorized that the destruction of a planet could bring about the Illuminate, so it seems like rough times may be ahead.

Super Earth’s Secret Weapon

A Helldivers 2 player has found some new dialogue that claims Super Earth is building a “superweapon”, leading some to believe the leaked planet explosion may be happening sooner rather than later. It’s been pretty hectic for Helldivers 2 players this week, following the failure of a Major Order that required them to wipe out 2 billion Automatons. Unlike the objective to wipe out 2 billion Terminids, players couldn’t quite get over the finish line with this one, which has now forced Super Earth to reveal that the game’s conflict up until now was an “elaborate special operation”, and declaring that the “Second Galactic War” has now begun.

That’s a pretty major escalation on Super Earth’s part, and it now appears that it’s preparing some serious firepower for some unknown reason. First spotted by Reddit user MaikySvK, if you chat with one of your crew members aboard your Super Destroyer, there’s a chance that they’ll talk about a rumor they heard regarding a “secret superweapon being worked on by our top scientists”.

A Planet-Cracking Weapon?

With a statement as ominous and mysterious as that, fans can’t help but have theories, and a lot of people have suddenly been reminded of a leak from earlier this year of what appeared to be an exploding planet. Ever since, players have been wondering exactly how developer Arrowhead is going to go about building something capable of cracking an entire planet, but this new escalation in the war could very well bring it about.

Others have claimed this could just be a reference to another vehicle, like one of the many leaked APCs, but given that we have literal nukes, mechs, and an entire arsenal of heavy weaponry that are all classed as standard weapons, the label “superweapon” almost certainly alludes to something far bigger. It was also theorized that this potential planet cracking could bring about the introduction of the highly rumored Illuminate faction, so it seems like we might be in for a rough ride in the coming weeks.

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