Helldivers 2’s Explosive Impact: Propelling Sony’s PSN to New Heights

Helldivers 2's Explosive Impact

## Helldivers 2’s Explosive Impact on Sony’s PSN User Base

The highly anticipated sequel, Helldivers 2, has made its mark on the gaming industry, propelling Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) to new heights. This comprehensive analysis delves into the specific growth metrics that demonstrate Helldivers 2’s profound impact on PSN’s user base.

Soaring PlayStation Sales

Helldivers 2 has emerged as the fastest-selling PlayStation game of all time, eclipsing the previous record set by God of War Ragnarok. Within its first 12 weeks of launch, the game sold an extraordinary 12 million units across PS5 and PC. This unprecedented sales surge has cemented Helldivers 2’s place as a PlayStation blockbuster.

Monthly Active User Growth

The success of Helldivers 2 has significantly contributed to the growth of PlayStation’s monthly active users. Sony’s recent earnings call revealed that PSN now boasts 118 million monthly active users, a 9% increase year-over-year. This remarkable growth is largely attributed to Helldivers 2’s captivating gameplay and loyal player base.

Increased Play Time

Total play time on PlayStation has witnessed a substantial boost, with a 15% year-over-year surge in March alone. Helldivers 2’s addictive gameplay has kept players engaged for extended periods, contributing to PlayStation’s overall play time increase.


Helldivers 2 has proven to be a game changer for Sony’s PSN, driving impressive growth across various metrics. Its massive sales figures, increased monthly active users, and longer play time have solidified Helldivers 2’s position as a major force in the PlayStation ecosystem.
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