Why is Nintendo Removing Content from Garry’s Mod After 20 Years?

Why is Nintendo Removing Content from Garry's Mod After 20 Years?

Garry’s Mod to Remove Nintendo Content After 20 Years

Nintendo’s Takedown Request

The developers behind Garry’s Mod have confirmed that they are in the process of removing all Nintendo-related content from the Steam Workshop following a takedown request from the Japanese gaming giant. Facepunch Studios, the developer of Garry’s Mod, acknowledged that the request was legitimate and stated that the removal process would take time due to the vast amount of content accumulated over the past two decades.

Nintendo’s History of Content Protection

Nintendo has a long history of aggressively protecting its intellectual property. In recent years, the company has taken legal action against Palworld Pokemon mods, a popular Switch emulator, and a Nintendo 64 Portal revival that used the official SDK. Nintendo’s request for the removal of Nintendo-related content from Garry’s Mod comes as no surprise.

The Surprising Timing of the Request

Despite Nintendo’s proactive stance on content protection, the timing of the takedown request has raised eyebrows. Garry’s Mod has been a popular platform for Nintendo-themed mods for nearly two decades, and the sudden removal of these fan-made creations has come as a shock to many.

The Impact on the Garry’s Mod Community

Garry’s Mod is known for its thriving community of modders who create and share a wide variety of content. The removal of Nintendo-related mods will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the community, as Mario, Luigi, Zelda, and other Nintendo characters have been popular add-ons to the game.

Fan Reaction and Developer Appeal

The removal of Nintendo content has prompted a mixed reaction from the Garry’s Mod community. Some fans have expressed disappointment, while others have acknowledged the legality of the request. Facepunch has appealed to the community to assist in the removal process by deleting their own Nintendo-related uploads.


The removal of Nintendo content from Garry’s Mod after 20 years highlights the importance of respecting intellectual property rights. While the loss of fan-made creations may be regrettable, it is ultimately a necessary step to ensure that Nintendo’s content is used in accordance with its guidelines.

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