Unintentional Racial Slur Reference in Stellar Blade Promptly Addressed in Day One Patch

Unintentional Racial Slur Reference in Stellar Blade Promptly Addressed in Day One Patch

Sony’s Stellar Blade: Unintentional Racial Slur Reference Promptly Addressed

Day One Patch to Remove Controversial Graffiti

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that an unintentional reference to a racial slur in their upcoming action RPG, Stellar Blade, will be removed via a day-one patch. The issue, which was discovered by IGN, involves graffiti in the game that, when combined with the name of a nearby shop, creates the appearance of a racist term.

Sony released a statement acknowledging the error and apologizing for any offense caused. “The placement of two graphics near each other in Stellar Blade resulted in an unintentionally objectionable phrase,” the statement reads. “Shift Up had no intention of creating offensive artwork and will be replacing the graffiti for the Day 1 patch.”

Addressing the Unintended Offensive

The controversial graffiti appears near a store called the “R Shop,” owned by the character Roxanne. When combined, the “R” from the shop name and the word “hard” spelled out in graffiti were perceived by some as referencing a slur.

Sony’s prompt response to the situation demonstrates their commitment to addressing concerns and ensuring an inclusive gaming experience for all. The day-one patch will rectify the issue before the game’s official launch on April 26, exclusively on PS5.

Similar Incidents in Gaming

Unintentional racism in video games is not an isolated occurrence. In 2021, Turtle Rock Studios addressed an issue in Back 4 Blood where zombies occasionally uttered a sound that resembled a racial slur. The developer swiftly fixed the problem before the game’s release.

These incidents highlight the importance of sensitivity and inclusivity in game development. Sony’s swift action in addressing the concern in Stellar Blade is a commendable step towards promoting a positive and welcoming gaming environment.

In-Game Reviews: Stellar Blade’s Strengths

Despite the unfortunate graffiti oversight, Stellar Blade has received positive reviews for its engaging battle system and exciting moments. GameSpot’s review praised the game as “more than just an imitator.”

Stellar Blade is a highly anticipated title, and the developer’s responsiveness to feedback is encouraging. The day-one patch ensures that players will experience the game without the unintended racially insensitive content.


Sony’s prompt and decisive action to remove the offensive graffiti in Stellar Blade is a responsible move that demonstrates their commitment to inclusivity and sensitivity. The issue highlights the importance of thoughtful game development and the need for ongoing vigilance to avoid unintentional offenses.
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