Why is Kylie Kwong closing her restaurant and focusing on sharing other people’s stories?

Why is Kylie Kwong closing her restaurant and focusing on sharing other people's stories?


Kylie Kwong Quits Restaurant Business, Adding to Growing List of High-Profile Eateries to Close

Celebrity chef to close Lucky Kwong, saying she wants to focus on ‘sharing other people’s stories’

Kylie Kwong, the renowned Australian chef and restaurateur, has announced that she will close her Sydney restaurant, Lucky Kwong, at the end of June. Kwong, who has been a leading figure in the Australian food scene for over 30 years, said the decision to close Lucky Kwong was a difficult one, but that it was time for her to move on to a new chapter in her life.

A Changing Landscape for Restaurants

Kwong’s decision to close Lucky Kwong comes amidst a challenging time for the restaurant industry in Australia. Rising costs of ingredients, labor, and energy have made it difficult for many restaurants to remain profitable. Several other high-profile eateries in Sydney have closed in recent months, including Tetsuya’s and Marque.

A Focus on Sharing Stories

Kwong said that while the restaurant industry is facing challenges, she believes that food remains a vital part of our lives. She said she wants to continue to use food to connect people and share stories.

“I’d like to step into the next phase of my practice,” Kwong said in a statement. “Through the lens of food and interconnectedness, I wish to place my energy into helping share other people’s stories.”

A Culinary Legacy

Kwong’s restaurant, Lucky Kwong, has been a popular destination for diners in Sydney for many years. The restaurant is known for its innovative Chinese cuisine, which draws on Kwong’s Chinese heritage and her experiences growing up in Australia.

Kwong has also been a vocal advocate for social justice issues. She has spoken out against racism and homophobia, and she has worked to promote diversity and inclusion in the restaurant industry.

A New Chapter

Kwong said she is excited about the next chapter in her life. She said she plans to continue to work in the food industry, but in a different capacity. She said she is interested in exploring new ways to share stories through food and to connect people from different backgrounds.

“I want to go deeper, and look forward to uncovering other people’s rich narratives,” Kwong said.

A Loss for the Sydney Dining Scene

The closure of Lucky Kwong will be a loss for the Sydney dining scene. Kwong’s restaurant has been a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Her innovative cuisine and her commitment to social justice have made her one of the most respected chefs in Australia.

However, Kwong’s decision to close Lucky Kwong is a reminder that even the most successful restaurants can be impacted by the challenges facing the industry. It is also a reminder that the restaurant industry is constantly evolving, and that new and innovative concepts are always emerging.

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