What are the ticket details for Tekno Train by Paul Mac in Vivid Sydney 2024?

What are the ticket details for Tekno Train by Paul Mac in Vivid Sydney 2024?

All Aboard! Tekno Train by Paul Mac Will Be THE Experience of Vivid Sydney 2024

Mark your calendars and get ready for an electrifying experience as Vivid Sydney unveils Tekno Train by Paul Mac, a groundbreaking fusion of art, technology, and music that will transform train travel into a sensory extravaganza. For 23 dazzling nights, Sydney’s iconic trains will become living canvases, pulsating with vibrant lights and thumping beats, offering commuters and visitors alike an unforgettable journey.

Immersive Light and Sound Spectacle

Step aboard the Tekno Train and be transported into a world of light, music, and pure sensory delight. Award-winning artist Paul Mac has meticulously designed an immersive visual and sonic experience that will captivate your senses. As the train glides through the cityscape, you’ll be enveloped in a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and animations that dance across the carriage walls and windows. The rhythmic beats, expertly curated by renowned DJs, will drive your body and soul, creating an exhilarating atmosphere that will make your daily commute anything but ordinary.

A Unique and Unforgettable Journey

The Tekno Train experience is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a journey of discovery, a celebration of creativity, and a testament to the transformative power of art. Whether you’re a seasoned Vivid enthusiast or a first-time visitor, the Tekno Train promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you mesmerized and craving more. It’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Vivid Sydney, while also enjoying the convenience of public transport.

Ticket Details

  • Tickets for the Tekno Train go on sale on June 1 at www.vividsydney.com.
  • Ticket prices start at $35 for a single journey and $75 for an unlimited 24-hour pass.
  • The Tekno Train will operate on selected train lines across Sydney from May 24 to June 18.
  • Tickets are expected to sell out fast, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Quotes from the Creators

“I’m thrilled to bring the Tekno Train to Vivid Sydney,” said Paul Mac. “This project is a culmination of my passion for art, music, and technology. I can’t wait to see people’s reactions as they experience this transformative journey.”

“The Tekno Train is a bold and exciting addition to Vivid Sydney’s already impressive lineup,” said Sandra Chipchase, Creative Director of Vivid Sydney. “It’s a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and creating experiences that are both captivating and accessible.”


The Tekno Train by Paul Mac is set to become the must-see experience of Vivid Sydney 2024. With its immersive light and sound installation, it offers a unique and unforgettable way to experience the festival. Grab your tickets today and prepare yourself for a mind-blowing journey that will redefine the way you think about train travel. All aboard the Tekno Train – the ultimate destination for art, music, and sensory stimulation!

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