What was Bridget Moynahan’s first statement about the situation with Tom Brady?

What was Bridget Moynahan's first statement about the situation with Tom Brady?

Tom Brady’s Past Relationship Unveiled: Bridget Moynahan’s Heartfelt Statement

The Birth of a Son and a Tumultuous Split

During the highly anticipated “Roast of Tom Brady,” comedians poked fun at the NFL legend’s past relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan. Moynahan’s pregnancy with Brady’s child became a topic of jest, prompting the public to revisit the circumstances surrounding their split.

In 2006, Brady and Moynahan’s three-year relationship ended abruptly. Two months after the breakup, Brady began dating supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Moynahan later discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to their son, Jack, in 2007.

Moynahan’s Initial Reaction

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2008, Moynahan shared her initial reaction to the situation. She expressed her disappointment at not having a traditional family but emphasized her commitment to being a single mother.

“I’m not sure anyone — and I could be wrong in this — grows up thinking, ‘I want to be a single mom,'” Moynahan said. “When you’re suddenly pregnant and no one is standing by your side, even if you’re in your 30s, it’s a hard conversation.”

Despite the challenges, Moynahan refrained from speaking negatively about Brady. She prioritizes her son’s well-being and believes that her child should not read anything personal about his parents in the future.

“There’s no reason why my son, years down the line, would need to read anything [personal] about his mother or his father,” Moynahan said.

Co-Parenting and Moving Forward

Brady and Moynahan have maintained a respectful co-parenting relationship over the years. Brady went on to marry Bündchen and welcome two children, while Moynahan married businessman Andrew Frankel in 2015.

Despite the initial turmoil, Moynahan’s grace and maturity have allowed her to navigate the complexities of her past relationship and build a fulfilling life for herself and her son.
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