How did Bridget Moynahan react when she found out she was pregnant?

How did Bridget Moynahan react when she found out she was pregnant?

Did Tom Brady Really Dump His Ex-Girlfriend Bridget Moynahan When She Was Pregnant After Meeting Gisele Bundchen? DEETS

This article explores the controversial jokes made about Tom Brady’s past relationship with Bridget Moynahan at ‘The Roast of Tom Brady’ and the circumstances surrounding their split.

The Roast Jokes

On May 5, Netflix released The Roast of Tom Brady, a comedy special poking fun at the NFL legend’s life and career. One controversial joke that gained traction involved panelists mocking Brady for allegedly leaving his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan when she was pregnant with his child.

In the opening hour, comedians like Nikki Glaser and Will Ferrell (in his Ron Burgundy persona) didn’t hold back from poking fun at Brady’s past relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan.

  • Nikki Glaser:Tom, you’re the best to ever play for too long; you retired, then came back, then retired, I get it It’s hard to walk away from something that isn’t your pregnant girlfriend. To be fair, he didn’t know; he just thought she was getting fat.
  • Will Ferrell:The last time this guy went truly deep, he ended up paying child support to Bridget Moynahan.

Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan’s Relationship

Tom Brady and actress Bridget Moynahan’s seemingly perfect relationship came to an abrupt end in December 2006. The couple, once envisioned as a power duo destined for marriage and children, found themselves at a crossroads that left Moynahan “heartbroken.”

Moynahan’s revelation that she was carrying Brady’s child just two and a half months into his relationship with Bündchen sent shockwaves through the couple’s world. Crucially, Brady was unaware of Moynahan’s pregnancy at the time he ended their three-year relationship.

Just weeks after the breakup, Brady was spotted with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, igniting speculation that his newfound romance played a role in the split. Bündchen herself admitted to experiencing the “romantic fantasy” of falling for Brady, only to face a “wake-up call” when Moynahan revealed her unexpected pregnancy.

In the face of adversity, Brady and Moynahan navigated the complexities of co-parenting their son, Jack, born in 2007. While Brady missed the birth itself, he was present “afterwards,” as Moynahan put it, fostering a supportive environment for their child.

Moynahan, who initially envisioned herself as a “traditional girl” raising a family through marriage, found herself accepting the role of a single mother. Yet, through it all, she maintained a gracious stance, refusing to speak ill of Brady and Bündchen publicly.

Brady would go on to marry Bündchen and welcome his son Benjamin and daughter Vivian. Who then split in 2022 after 13 years of marriage.

As for Moynahan, in 2015, she found her own happily ever after, marrying businessman Andrew Frankel in a surprise ceremony.

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