What Secret WWII Mission Did the American Soldiers Undertake in the Movie ‘Murder Company’ and Who Did They Collaborate With?

What Secret WWII Mission Did the American Soldiers Undertake in the Movie 'Murder Company' and Who Did They Collaborate With?

In the grand tapestry of World War II, a covert mission undertaken by American soldiers remains veiled in secrecy, a tale brought to life in the gripping film “Murder Company.” This elite unit of soldiers embarked on a perilous expedition behind enemy lines, collaborating with a resolute member of the French Resistance.

Operation: Kill List

  • Eliminate high-ranking Nazi target
  • Assist French Resistance operative
  • Cross treacherous enemy territory

The Unsung Heroes

Led by the resolute Sergeant Haskel, played by the renowned Kelsey Grammer, the soldiers of “Murder Company” hailed from the esteemed 82nd Airborne Division. Among them were Southern, portrayed by William Mosely, and Coolidge, brought to life by Pooch Hall. Their unwavering determination and unyielding spirit guided them through a treacherous labyrinth of danger.

Collaboration and Peril

To execute their mission, the American soldiers forged an alliance with Daquin, a seasoned member of the French Resistance, played by Gilles Marini. His intimate knowledge of the terrain and his unwavering commitment to the cause proved indispensable to their perilous endeavor.

Filming Authenticity

To capture the raw intensity and authenticity of the mission, “Murder Company” was meticulously filmed entirely in Europe, paying homage to the very grounds where these events unfolded. Director Shane Dax Taylor, acclaimed for his previous work in “The Best Man” and “Isolation,” helmed the project, bringing his expertise in action filmmaking to this captivating tale.

Historical Significance

The mission depicted in “Murder Company” sheds light on a lesser-known facet of World War II, where covert operations played a pivotal role in undermining Nazi forces. It serves as a testament to the extraordinary courage and sacrifice of those who fought in the shadows, their contributions often overlooked in the annals of history.


“Murder Company” offers a gripping glimpse into the secret missions that shaped the course of World War II. As audiences witness the daring exploits of American soldiers and their French collaborators, the film not only entertains but also honors the valiant efforts of those who risked everything to secure victory.

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