What are the upcoming features in Dead by Daylight’s 8th anniversary celebration, including new modes and collaborations?

What are the upcoming features in Dead by Daylight's 8th anniversary celebration, including new modes and collaborations?xr:d:DAFogJar4ws:2356,j:8156440404633270160,t:24031221

Celebrating Eight Years of Terror: Dead by Daylight Unveils Anniversary Festivities

As Dead by Daylight marks its 8th anniversary, developer Behaviour Interactive has unveiled a plethora of spine-chilling additions and collaborations set to thrill horror enthusiasts in the coming months.

Dungeons & Dragons Immersion

The latest season, launching on June 6th, transports players to the realm of Dungeons & Dragons. A new survivor, Bard Aestri Yazar, brings D&D-inspired perks to empower allies and deceive the killer. Opposing them is the formidable Vecna, wielding four spells adapted directly from D&D. Survivors can seek refuge in treasure chests, granting them magical armor and rare items to counter Vecna’s abilities.

Castlevania Crossover

Beyond the D&D chapter, Behaviour teased a summer collaboration with Konami’s iconic Castlevania franchise. A cryptic trailer hints at Dracula’s terrifying presence, promising further details on August 6th.

Cross-Progression and More

Cross-progression, a long-awaited feature, will be implemented this summer, allowing players to seamlessly transfer their progress across different platforms. Behaviour is also working on balancing updates for killers, perks, and maps.

2v8 Mode and Narrative Adventure

In July, a new 2v8 mode will pit survivors against two killers simultaneously. Additionally, a narrative game set within the Dead by Daylight universe, “The Casting of Frank Stone,” is being developed in partnership with Supermassive Games, creators of “Until Dawn.”

Looking Ahead

Behaviour has teased even more exciting content for Dead by Daylight’s ninth year, including six new chapters, in-game events, and ongoing developments.

With its immersive collaborations and continuous updates, Dead by Daylight remains a thrilling destination for horror fans. As the game enters its ninth year, it promises to continue delivering heart-pounding experiences for survivors and killers alike.
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