What Hidden Mission Involving a Weed Farm Can be Found by GTA 5 Players?

What Hidden Mission Involving a Weed Farm Can be Found by GTA 5 Players?

GTA 5 Players Discover Hidden Mission in the Game After 10 Years

Some GTA 5 players have just discovered a hidden, easy-to-miss mission in the Grand Theft Auto game eleven calendar years after Rockstar Games released it. GTA fans have played Grand Theft Auto V to death since its release, partially because it is all fans have as they painfully wait for GTA 6. A decade is a long time with a game. To this end, you’d expect those still playing it will have seen everything there is to see and have done everything there is to do.

A Hidden Treasure

GTA 5 has a large map, packed full of content, but surely those dedicated to the game have experienced all of this content, right? Well, apparently not. Over the last few days, a GTA 5 clip has been making the rounds. In this clip, the player shows a mission involving raiding a weed farm, something they had no clue existed until they recently came across it. And the clip has gone viral because many other players had no idea about this piece of content.

A Mysterious Mission

What’s odd about the mission is that it is one of a kind. There is no other mission like it in the game. Further, it is often bugged. The weed is supposed to respawn every week so players can come back to the content, but it’s bugged and often doesn’t. To this end, it almost seems like unfinished or cut content that was accidentally left in the game and forgotten. The fact it hasn’t been fixed also suggests this.

Unveiling the Secret

Whatever the case, the comments to the post below have revealed many GTA 5 fans had no idea about this.

“i’ve played gta 5 for 10 years and had no idea there were weed farms you could raid 😭”

– jericho681 🌴☀️ (@jericho681) May 11, 2024

Of course, this is not a brand new discovery. The existence of this weed farm has been known for years. However, it seems many Grand Theft Auto fans had no idea about this. In fact, if someone has played the game for 10 years and had no idea about this, it’s safe to assume a majority of those who have spent less time with the game have no idea about this.

Community Reaction

That said, and as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Did you know about this mission in GTA 5?

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  • Have you ever found any other hidden missions in GTA 5?

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