How did Damian Priest persuade WWE to host Backlash in Puerto Rico?

Damian Priest’s Persuasive Efforts Bring WWE Backlash to Puerto Rico

WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion, Damian Priest, has revealed the behind-the-scenes story of how he played a pivotal role in bringing Backlash 2023 to his home country of Puerto Rico.

Priest’s Persistence Pays Off

Speaking on The Rob Brown Show, Priest explained that he and Grammy-winning rapper Bad Bunny had to persistently advocate for the event in Puerto Rico. Their efforts convinced WWE to host the premium live event outside the United States for the first time.

“We specifically fought for it,” Priest stated. “We fought to get others like Savio Vega and Carlito involved and other Latinos, in general, on the show. We needed them to represent.”

The Success of a Hometown Event

Backlash 2023 in Puerto Rico proved to be a resounding success, breaking records and captivating the live crowd. Priest believes that the event’s cultural impact extended beyond the immediate night.

“What we did culturally was big,” he said. “We set the tone for the idea that WWE would do all these events outside of the United States and have success… It’s obvious that this could be done everywhere.”

A Model for Future International Events

The success of Backlash 2023 has paved the way for WWE to host more international events with local stars taking center stage. Damian Priest cited Rhea Ripley’s headline-making performance at Elimination Chamber 2024 in her hometown of Perth, Australia.

“We have Berlin coming up, and that’s going to be Gunther’s domain. He was Scotland, and that’s Drew McIntyre’s domain,” Priest said. “It’s cool that we’re going to all these different places internationally and having someone to represent them.”

Priest’s Goal: Expansion and Inclusivity

Damian Priest’s efforts to bring WWE Backlash to Puerto Rico were driven by a desire to showcase the company’s growing global reach and celebrate its diverse fan base.

“It shows the expansion of the company, the individuals, and our fanbase growing,” he remarked. “That’s what I’m all about – the expansion of our company, our fanbase, and our reach.”

WWE’s decision to host Backlash 2023 in Puerto Rico is a testament to the power of persistence and the importance of celebrating the company’s international audience. Damian Priest’s role in making this happen highlights his commitment to inclusivity and the growth of WWE’s global brand.

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