What are the positive changes accompanying the un-sunsetting of weapons in Destiny 2?

What are the positive changes accompanying the un-sunsetting of weapons in Destiny 2?

**Un-Sunsetting Weapons in Destiny 2: Unveiling the Positive Changes**

In the ever-evolving landscape of Destiny 2, the recent un-sunsetting of weapons has sparked mixed reactions. While some players initially denounced the practice, the announcement has ultimately been received with a cautious optimism. This article delves into the positive changes accompanying this monumental decision, shedding light on the reasons for the subdued reaction and exploring the wider implications for the game’s future.

**Sunsetting’s Controversial History**

Bungie’s initial implementation of sunsetting weapons in Destiny 2 drew widespread criticism. The concept, designed to retire popular weapons and foster a constant influx of new loot, was perceived as limiting player choice and undermining the value of hard-earned gear. Players voiced concerns about the sustainability of the loot system and the potential long-term impact on the game’s replayability.

**The Un-Sunsetting Announcement**

In February 2023, Bungie made a surprising announcement that all previously sunset weapons in Destiny 2 would be un-sunsetted with the release of the upcoming expansion, The Final Shape. This reversal of policy was met with a surprisingly muted reaction from the player base, in contrast to the intense outcry that accompanied the original sunsetting decision.

**Reasons for the Mild Reaction**

The muted reaction to the un-sunsetting announcement can be attributed to several factors:

* **Irrelevance of Sunset Weapons:** The power creep issue that prompted sunsetting in the first place has been largely addressed with the introduction of new weapons and the Fireteam Power system in The Final Shape. As a result, many sunset weapons would have remained irrelevant even if they were un-sunsetted.
* **Reissued and Improved Weapons:** Bungie has reissued many classic weapons over the years, often with improved traits that surpass the originals. This has reduced the value of holding onto sunset versions of these weapons.
* **Player Fatigue with Bungie’s Decisions:** After years of controversial decisions, including sunsetting, the Destiny Content Vault, server issues, and monetization practices, the player base has become somewhat jaded. The un-sunsetting announcement was just one more in a series of reversals and backtracks by Bungie, which has led to a general sense of resignation among the community.

**Positive Changes Accompanying Un-Sunsetting**

Alongside the un-sunsetting announcement, Bungie introduced other power-related changes that have been well-received by the player base:

* **Fireteam Power:** This system allows players to share the power level of the highest-powered player in their Fireteam, making it easier for friends with different power levels to play together.
* **Account-Wide Power Level:** This change removes the barrier that previously prevented players from playing different characters at the same power level, allowing for greater flexibility in gameplay.

These changes have been praised for their inclusivity and the recognition of player feedback. The shared power level system fosters greater cooperation and allows players to prioritize their preferred characters without sacrificing their progression.


While the un-sunsetting of weapons in Destiny 2 was initially met with a muted reaction, the decision has ultimately been seen as a positive step by the player base. The wider power-related changes accompanying this decision have also been well-received, indicating a shift towards a more player-friendly approach from Bungie. Despite the lingering concerns over the game’s future, the excitement for The Final Shape and the potential it holds for the Destiny franchise remains strong. The un-sunsetting of weapons and the associated changes have breathed new life into the game, giving players hope for a more engaging and rewarding experience in the times to come.
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