What are the new updates coming to Hunt: Showdown and when is the launch date?

What are the new updates coming to Hunt

Hunt: Showdown’s Massive Upgrade Arrives on August 15th

Prepare to venture back into the treacherous bayous of Hunt: Showdown, as the highly anticipated engine upgrade and accompanying updates are set to drop on August 15th, 2023. This relaunch promises to elevate the multiplayer FPS experience to new heights.

CRYENGINE Upgrade for Enhanced Performance

The cornerstone of this upgrade is the migration to CRYENGINE version 5.11. This cutting-edge technology will provide significant improvements in performance, allowing for smoother gameplay, reduced loading times, and enhanced visual fidelity. Additionally, the upgraded engine will enable the implementation of new features and content down the road.

Revamped UI for Seamless Navigation

Hunt: Showdown’s user interface is undergoing a comprehensive overhaul, featuring multiple UX improvements. The goal is to create a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Players can expect easier navigation, streamlined menus, and enhanced accessibility options.

Cross-Generation Console Support

While the PS4 and Xbox One consoles will no longer be supported, the relaunched Hunt: Showdown will fully embrace current-generation consoles. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will benefit from the performance boost offered by the engine upgrade, providing players with a truly next-gen experience.

Regular Developer Updates for Transparency

Leading up to the launch on August 15th, Crytek will host weekly developer updates. These updates will provide detailed insights into the upcoming changes, address player feedback, and delve into the future vision for Hunt: Showdown.

Key Takeaways:

  • Engine upgrade to CRYENGINE version 5.11 brings performance enhancements and new possibilities.
  • Overhauled user interface simplifies navigation and improves accessibility.
  • PS4 and Xbox One support ends, while current-generation consoles receive a boost.
  • Weekly developer updates ensure transparency and address player concerns.
  • Launch date set for August 15th, 2023, on all supported platforms.

Hunt: Showdown’s relaunch marks a significant milestone in the game’s evolution. With its focus on performance, usability, and cross-generation support, this upgrade promises to revitalize the game’s loyal fanbase and attract new players. As the launch date approaches, stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks from the Crytek development team.

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