What are the gameplay changes introduced in the Echoes update of Wayfinder?

What are the gameplay changes introduced in the Echoes update of Wayfinder?

Wayfinder Embraces Co-op PvE, Dumps Microtransactions

Airship Syndicate’s Wayfinder is set to make a comeback with a significant revamp, ditching its free-to-play model and always-online requirement in favor of a paid, premium experience.

Co-Op Dominates

The Echoes update, launching on June 11th, will completely overhaul Wayfinder’s gameplay, focusing on co-op PvE action. Players will now embark on quests with up to two other companions, providing a more immersive and collaborative experience. Additionally, an offline mode has been added, allowing for solo play or local co-op.

No More Microtransactions

In a bold move, Wayfinder Echoes eliminates microtransactions, removing the need for constant in-game purchases. Instead, everything previously available through microtransactions, including characters, weapons, and armor, can be earned through gameplay. This change aligns with industry trends and player preferences, aiming to provide a more respectful and fulfilling gaming experience.

Gameplay Enhancements

Beyond the fundamental gameplay shift, Echoes brings numerous improvements and additions. Players can now equip armor with varying stats, encounter randomized weapon drops, and acquire characters more efficiently. The update also introduces a “talent system” for character customization and expands the housing system with more items.

New Content and Roadmap

Airship Syndicate has packed Echoes with new content, including a fresh region to explore, a playable character named Grendel, and several new hunts. The game’s roadmap for 2024 includes further updates, with the full launch version 1.0 slated for the end of the year.

Steam Relaunch and Progress Wipe

Existing Wayfinder owners can access the Echoes update on May 31st, while new players can purchase and play the game starting June 11th. It’s important to note that progress from the previous version will be wiped, as saves will now be local.

A New Era for Wayfinder

Airship Syndicate’s decision to revamp Wayfinder as a paid, premium title with a focus on co-op gameplay is a strategic shift. The studio hopes to provide a more stable, enjoyable, and sustainable experience for players. With a balanced difficulty curve, improved systems, and a thriving community, Echoes aims to revitalize Wayfinder and secure its future.

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