Ubisoft’s Approach Towards Skill-Based Matchmaking in XDefiant

**Ubisoft’s XDefiant Rejects Skill-Based Matchmaking for Enhanced Fun and Inclusivity**

**Casual Playlists Prioritize Enjoyment and Variety**

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated multiplayer shooter, XDefiant, is bucking the trend of skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) in casual playlists. The developer believes that eliminating SBMM from these modes promotes a more varied and enjoyable gaming experience.

“We believe that no SBMM is paramount to a fun and varied game,” Ubisoft stated. “Frankly, skill-based matchmaking means every casual game is repetitive.”

**Ranked Mode Offers Competitive Challenge**

While XDefiant’s casual playlists focus on entertainment, a ranked mode will provide players seeking a competitive environment. This mode will feature stricter matchmaking parameters, prioritizing quality matches and offering a fair challenge for players of all skill levels.

**Balancing Teams for Fair Play**

Even in casual playlists, XDefiant will strive to create balanced teams. Once players join a match, they will be grouped based on their skill ratings to ensure a fair and engaging experience. This approach aims to provide varied gameplay scenarios without sacrificing the overall enjoyment factor.

**Persistent Lobbies Foster Community**

XDefiant’s casual playlists feature persistent lobbies. This means players will likely encounter familiar faces in subsequent games, forming a sense of community and camaraderie. Lobbies will only reset if all players leave, encouraging social interaction and fostering a welcoming gaming environment.

**Ranked Players Locked to Input Device**

In ranked matches, players will be locked to their preferred input device. Those wishing to switch between mouse and keyboard and gamepad will be required to leave the lobby and re-enter with the new control scheme. This measure ensures competitive integrity and prevents unfair advantages.

**Varied Gameplay Experiences**

Ubisoft recognizes the importance of designing SBMM to promote varied experiences even in ranked environments. Max Hoberman, former Halo developer and Certain Affinity CEO, emphasizes that consistently winning or losing, regardless of game mode, can become monotonous. XDefiant aims to strike a balance between competitive challenge and enjoyable gameplay for all players.
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