Unlocking Blair in The First Descendant: Mastering the Art of Character Acquisition

Unlocking Blair in The First Descendant

Unlocking Blair in The First Descendant: A Guide for Savvy Players


Embark on an exhilarating adventure in The First Descendant and expand your roster of playable characters by unlocking the enigmatic Blair. This guide will navigate you through both the direct and free paths to acquiring this exceptional Descendant.

Purchase: A Swift and Effortless Approach

If you’re eager to wield Blair’s potent abilities without the grind, head to the store and invest 300 Caliber. This will grant you instant access to her unique skills and attributes.

Grinding: A Path of Perseverance

For those who prefer a more challenging route, gather the following materials to unlock Blair through gameplay:

  • White-night Gulch Normal in Mystery’s End
  • White-night Gulch Normal in Bio-Lab
  • Hagios Normal in The Haven
  • Hagios Normal in Old Mystery

Material Collection: A Quest for Ingenuity

Embark on perilous missions to locate these materials. Each location holds its own set of challenges, so be prepared to engage in intense combat and utilize your Descendant’s abilities strategically.

Research and Patience: A Test of Determination

Once you’ve collected all the necessary materials, return to Anais and initiate the research process. This will take time to complete, so be patient and anticipate the moment when Blair becomes available to you.


Whether you choose the swift path of purchase or the rewarding journey of material collection, unlocking Blair in The First Descendant is a significant milestone in your gameplay. Embrace her enigmatic nature and unleash her incredible powers to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

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