Tose Faces Losses as Projects Cancelled: Whats Next for the Co-Development Studio?

Tose Faces Losses as Projects Cancelled

Tose Reports Losses Amidst Multiple Project Cancellations

Co-development studio, Tose, has reported a significant loss due to multiple project cancellations by their clients.

A History of Collaboration

Tose, established in 1979, specializes in collaborative development with other publishers and developers. Their work often goes uncredited, leading to a reputation as a “ghost developer.” However, in recent years, credit has been given more frequently.

Financial Setback

Tose’s financial report for the nine months ending May 31, 2024, shows a loss of ¥367 million ($2.28 million). This loss is primarily attributed to project cancellations.

Knock-on Effect of Financial Troubles

Tose relies heavily on commissions from other publishers. When these publishers face financial difficulties, Tose’s projects are often affected. Several projects have been canceled, preventing Tose from recouping profits.

Adjusting Expectations

Tose has lowered its sales forecast for the year by 12.5%. They anticipate continued uncertainty but aim to recover momentum by focusing on active projects.

Collaborator Square Enix

Although Tose has not revealed which clients canceled projects, they collaborate frequently with Square Enix. In May, Square Enix announced the cancellation of unannounced games to align with their new strategy.

Impact on Tose

Project cancellations have a direct impact on Tose’s financial performance. They are actively working to improve project management to mitigate the effects of future cancellations.


Tose’s financial setback highlights the interconnected nature of the gaming industry. Financial challenges faced by publishers can have significant consequences for their development partners.

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