How is Apple News partnering with publishers to increase revenue and readership?

How is Apple News partnering with publishers to increase revenue and readership?

Apple News Partners with Publishers to Drive Revenue and Engagement

In an era of declining news site traffic, many publishers are looking for new ways to increase revenue and readership. Apple News, one of the world’s largest news platforms, is offering a potential solution through its partnership with publishers.

Premium Subscriptions with Apple News+

Apple News+ is a premium subscription service that offers access to a wide range of premium magazines and newspapers. Publishers receive a monthly payment based on the time audiences spend on their articles, providing a steady stream of revenue. Additionally, publishers can sell advertising and product recommendations through Apple News, further boosting their earnings.

  • 125 million monthly users in 2020
  • Hundreds of publications, including The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and The Washington Post
  • Publishers can keep 100% of affiliate link revenue

Discovery and Engagement Opportunities

Apple News also serves as a discovery platform for publishers, introducing their content to new audiences. By showcasing click-worthy columns and longreads, the app helps build loyalty and engagement with potential subscribers.

Slate President Charlie Kammerer praised Apple News+ as an effective discovery tool, stating, “We’re really focused on how to build loyalty with our audience both on and off platform.” He highlighted the positive impact on Slate’s revenue stream, adding, “It’s become a nice additional revenue stream for us.”

Content Collaboration and Commissioning

In addition to subscription revenue, Apple News partners with publishers to create exclusive content that aligns with specific news events. Through its Spotlight program, Apple commissions articles, artwork, and audio segments, ensuring a diverse range of high-quality content for News+ subscribers.

Noah Shachtman, former editor of Rolling Stone, acknowledged Apple’s significant investment in commissioned content, saying, “Apple also paid extra to commission art and audio segments for the magazine’s articles.”

Publisher Partnerships Drive Success

Neil Vogel, CEO of Dotdash Meredith, emphasized the mutually beneficial nature of Apple News partnerships. “We have a relationship with them that we think is super fair in both directions. And it’s been really positive,” Vogel said.

As publishers navigate the evolving media landscape, Apple News partnerships offer opportunities for increased revenue, enhanced audience engagement, and collaborative content creation. The platform’s reach and premium subscription model provide a lifeline for publishers, enabling them to continue delivering high-quality journalism to a wider audience.

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