Which smartphone tops the DXOMARK camera rankings in 2024?

Which smartphone tops the DXOMARK camera rankings in 2024?

Surprise at the bottom: Smartphone camera rankings revealed

**Best smartphone cameras of 2024**

DXOMARK, a standard for smartphone camera tests, has updated its rankings. The company conducts various tests for smartphones, primarily for industry clients. However, its ratings, based on rigorous lab tests, have become a consumer standard, especially its precise smartphone camera ratings. Recently, the company updated its rankings with several outstanding smartphones released in early 2024. Here’s the latest ranking:

Leading the table is Honor’s Magic6 Pro with a score of 158 points. Just one point behind are Huawei’s Mate 60 Pro Plus and Oppo’s Find X7 Ultra, both with 157 points, followed closely by Huawei’s P60 Pro.

The first recognizable brand in the table is iPhone 15 Pro Max with 154 points, followed by its sibling, iPhone 15 Pro, with the same score. Google follows closely with Pixel 8 Pro, just one point behind, ranking seventh. Alongside it stands the Find X6 Pro, last year’s flagship from Oppo. Honor’s Magic5 Pro ranks ninth with 152 points, and closing the top ten is Oppo’s regular Find X6, along with the ViVo X100 Pro from the same house. Overall, Oppo has a very respectable representation in the top ten, with no fewer than three phones.

**Second tier**

In the second and still respectable tier, we find Huawei’s Mate 50 Pro with 149 points, followed immediately by Google’s regular Pixel 8 with 148 points, and then the Pixel 7 Pro, Google’s flagship from the previous year. iPhone 14 Pro Max sits at 16th place with 146 points, with the regular iPhone 14 Pro sharing the same score. iPhone 15 regular and plus models are at 18th and 19th place, respectively, with 145 points. Closing the second tier is Samsung’s flagship for this year, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, with 144 points.

**Third tier**

In the third tier, we find Apple’s flagship phones from two years ago – the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro with 141 points (ranked 22nd and 23rd), along with Google Pixel 7 and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in the Snapdragon version, both with 140 points.

**Disappointing surprise**

The disappointing surprise is Xiaomi, with its flagship phone for the current year, the Xiaomi 14 (which seemingly enjoys a powerful camera setup), ranking only 30th, at the end of the third tier, with 138 points. The device was recently launched in Israel through official import by Milthon, and it is actually surpassed by older models of the company – the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra from 2021 with 141 points (same score as iPhone 13 Pro), and the Xiaomi 13 Ultra from last year with 140 points.

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