What unique design features do the new Focal Hadenys and Azurys headphones have?

What unique design features do the new Focal Hadenys and Azurys headphones have?

Focal Hadenys and Azurys Headphones: Unraveling the Unique Design and Sound

Immersive Audio Experience with Distinctive Aesthetics

Focal, renowned for its exceptional acoustic products, has unveiled two new headphones, the Hadenys and Azurys, showcasing a captivating blend of design and sound. These headphones not only deliver an immersive audio experience but also captivate with their unique aesthetics and innovative features.

Hadenys: A Journey to the Origins

Focal Hadenys headphones

Inspired by the Hadean eon, a period marked by geological formations, the Hadenys headphones embody the concept of “return to the source.” Its brown finish evokes a raw, earthy character, reminiscent of nature’s foundations. The honeycombs on the earcups, meticulously crafted from genuine leather, and the breathable woven fabric lend an intricate tapestry that complements the headphone’s distinct style.

Azurys: Embracing Harmony in Motion

Focal Azurys headphones

The Azurys headphones radiate a vibrant aura, drawing inspiration from Azurite, a semiprecious stone with a captivating blue hue. Its closed-back design and versatility make it an ideal companion for both indoor listening sessions and outdoor adventures. The same exquisite design elements as the Hadenys, including genuine leather and woven fabric, contribute to its sophisticated yet practical appeal.

Striking Similarities: Shared Foundation of Excellence

Despite their distinct appearances, the Hadenys and Azurys share a set of fundamental characteristics that underscore Focal’s commitment to audio excellence. Both headphones feature 40mm speaker drivers with ‘M’-shaped domes made from aluminum and magnesium, ensuring optimal sound quality. These drivers have been specially adjusted to suit the unique acoustic profiles of each model.

The Hadenys and Azurys come with matching colored carry cases and cables, providing a seamless storage and transportation experience. Both models are scheduled to go on sale in June 2024, with the Azurys priced at £470 / €549 / $549 and the Hadenys at £599 / €699 / $699.

Key Distinctions: Tailored for Different Listening Needs

The Hadenys is designed specifically for indoor listening, offering an open-back design that allows for a more spacious and natural soundstage. It’s perfect for at-home listening sessions or environments with minimal background noise, where its detailed sound can truly shine.

On the other hand, the Azurys features a closed-back design, making it more versatile and suitable for both home and outdoor use. Its sound profile is tuned to deliver detailed, warm, and dynamic sound, even in noisy environments.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Design and Sound

Focal’s Hadenys and Azurys headphones represent a harmonious fusion of design and sound. Whether you seek the immersive experience of the Hadenys or the adaptable versatility of the Azurys, these headphones promise an exceptional auditory journey. Their meticulous construction, unique aesthetics, and renowned Focal sound quality make them a compelling choice for discerning audio enthusiasts.

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