What real-world applications can Thermonator be used for? And how much does it cost?

What real-world applications can Thermonator be used for? And how much does it cost?

Look Out: Throwflame’s New Robot Dog That Spews Flame Has Hit the Market


Get ready to witness the cutting-edge advancement in robotics! Throwflame, an Ohio-based company renowned for its flamethrower creations, has unveiled the ‘Thermonator’, the world’s first robot dog equipped with a fully functional flamethrower. This groundbreaking innovation has sparked both excitement and intrigue, opening up a new realm of possibilities and raising questions about its potential applications and implications.

Real-World Applications

The Thermonator’s versatility extends beyond mere entertainment, as it boasts a wide range of practical applications:

Wildfire Prevention and Control: Its ability to clear brush and vegetation efficiently makes it an effective tool for wildfire prevention and containment.

Agricultural Management: Farmers can utilize the Thermonator for vegetation control in fields and orchards, improving crop yield and reducing labor costs.

Snow and Ice Removal: In regions with heavy snowfall, the Thermonator can assist in clearing driveways, sidewalks, and other areas of accumulated snow and ice.

Entertainment and SFX: The Thermonator’s captivating flame effects can enhance live performances, film productions, and special events, creating a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Cost and Features

The Thermonator comes with a hefty price tag of $9,420. This steep investment is attributed to its advanced technology, which includes:

  • Remote Operation: The dog is remotely controlled via a smartphone app, allowing users to navigate and control the flamethrower wirelessly.
  • Electric Flamethrower: The all-electric flamethrower boasts a 10-meter range and instant ignition, providing ample reach and efficiency.
  • LiDAR Mapping: The Thermonator is equipped with LiDAR mapping for potential autonomous navigation capabilities, enhancing its precision and safety.
  • Modularity: The ‘not-a-weapon’ ARC Flamethrower is modular, enabling users to swap out the flamethrower for other attachments in the future.

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