What Panel Technology is Used in Samsung’s New Entry-Level OLED TVs?

What Panel Technology is Used in Samsung's New Entry-Level OLED TVs?

Samsung Delves into Entry-Level OLED Territory, Potentially Leveraging LG Panels

Samsung, a leading name in the electronics industry, has recently unveiled its new S85D series of OLED TVs, marking a significant move to cater to the entry-level OLED market segment. This strategic shift brings Samsung into direct competition with LG Electronics, the current dominant player in OLED technology.

Intriguing Collaboration: Samsung Embraces LG Panels

One intriguing aspect of the S85D series is the strong likelihood that its OLED panels are sourced from LG Display. Last year, Samsung reportedly placed a substantial order with LG to meet its production demands, signaling a business alliance that would have been highly improbable in the past.

S85D Series: Affordable OLED Experience

Available in 55-inch ($1,699.99), 65-inch ($2,099.99), and 77-inch ($3,399.99) screen sizes, the S85D series offers a more budget-friendly OLED experience. With discounts expected from retailers, consumers can anticipate further price reductions in the near future.

Upscaling and Image Enhancements: Samsung’s Core Strengths

When questioned about the panel source for its entry-level OLED TVs, Samsung provided a noncommittal response, emphasizing that its OLED TVs deliver a premium viewing experience regardless of the specific panels used. This suggests that Samsung places greater emphasis on its NQ4 AI Gen2 processor for upscaling and image processing, which is shared across its higher-end QD-OLED models.

However, the S85D series lacks Dolby Vision support, a feature found in LG’s OLED lineup. Nonetheless, Samsung compensates with its own perks, such as a native Xbox cloud gaming app on the Tizen OS platform, a capability LG does not currently offer.

Pantone-Validated Colors: Focus on Accuracy

The S85D series boasts “Pantone-validated colors” along with “pure blacks and bright whites.” This suggests that Samsung may be utilizing traditional WOLED panels for the S85D series to achieve its desired price points while maintaining a focus on accurate color reproduction.
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