What New Tool is Available for Building Custom Super Mario 64 Levels and Sharing Them Online?

What New Tool is Available for Building Custom Super Mario 64 Levels and Sharing Them Online?

Super Mario 64 Unleashes Creativity with New Level-Building Tool

Super Mario 64 enthusiasts rejoice! A remarkable new tool has emerged, empowering players to unleash their imaginations and craft their own custom levels within the iconic Nintendo 64 classic.

A New Era of Level Design

Dubbed “Mario Builder 64,” this groundbreaking mod transforms the beloved platformer into a veritable “Super Mario Maker” for the 3D realm. Developed by modder Rovertronic, this tool empowers gamers with an intuitive interface, allowing them to construct and share their unique creations with ease.

Seamless Integration and Wide Possibilities

Setting up Mario Builder 64 may require some technical proficiency, but a comprehensive guide guides users through the process. Once installed, the mod seamlessly integrates into the original Super Mario 64 game, utilizing an emulator to run the levels you create. However, it’s important to note that the mod doesn’t include the original game’s ROM, ensuring compliance with Nintendo’s intellectual property rights.

Intuitive Interface and Impressive Quality

Upon launching Mario Builder 64, players are greeted by an intuitive interface that feels as polished as an official Nintendo creation. Using simple menus and controls, anyone can embark on their level-building journey. The quality of the levels created using this tool is astonishing, showcasing the boundless creativity of the Mario Maker community.

Breaking the Boundaries of the Classic

What sets Mario Builder 64 apart is its ability to introduce new elements not found in the original Super Mario 64. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing players to craft hitherto unimaginable levels and challenges.

The Rise of Online Collaboration

One of the most exciting aspects of Mario Builder 64 is the vibrant online community that has sprung up around it. Players can effortlessly share their creations, fostering collaboration and a constant influx of fresh and innovative levels.

Quotes from Enthusiasts

“Mario Builder 64 is a game-changer,” said Rovertronic. “It gives players the power to create and share their own Mario 64 levels, something that was previously impossible.”

“I can’t believe how seamlessly it integrates with the original game,” added Mario enthusiast Emily Carter. “It feels like it was meant to be there all along.”


The release of Mario Builder 64 marks a monumental milestone for the Super Mario 64 community. It empowers players to become architects of their own gaming experiences, ensuring countless hours of creative expression and shared adventures. As the modding community continues to push the boundaries of innovation, we can expect even more groundbreaking creations to emerge from this remarkable tool.

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