What are the specifications and design features of Vivo X100s series phones?

What are the specifications and design features of Vivo X100s series phones?

Vivo X100s: Embracing a Flatter, iPhone-Inspired Design

Vivo is poised to introduce the Vivo X100s series, a trio of smartphones expected to make a splash in the tech world. According to exclusive sources, the company is veering away from the curved design of its predecessor, the Vivo X100, and embracing a flatter, more angular style akin to the iPhone 15 Pro.

A Comprehensive Look at the Vivo X100s Design

The Vivo X100s will feature a flat frame with a textured finish, lending it a sleek and modern look. The rear glass panel will retain a gentle curve (2.5D) for a comfortable grip. The camera island, a prominent feature of Vivo smartphones, will showcase a knurled ring and house four cameras, mirroring the setup of the X100.

One striking similarity between the Vivo X100s and the iPhone 15 Pro lies in their flat-edged display and similar color schemes. However, the X100s stands out with its notably slimmer profile, measuring in at 7.89mm compared to the iPhone’s 8.3mm thickness.

  • Flat frame with textured finish
  • Lightly curved (2.5D) rear glass panel
  • Knurled ring around the camera island
  • Four-camera setup similar to the X100
  • Color options: white, black, cyan, titanium

Expected Specifications

Under the hood, the Vivo X100s is rumored to be powered by the Dimensity 9300+ chip, an upgraded version of the Dimensity 9300 found in previous models. This enhanced chipset is expected to deliver improved performance and efficiency.

Other anticipated specifications include a 1.5K flat display, optimized for a visually stunning user experience. Vivo has placed emphasis on battery life, indicating that the X100s will likely boast a long-lasting power source.

The Vivo X100s is expected to launch alongside the X100s Pro and X100s Ultra in May. While the pricing remains uncertain, it is likely to be positioned competitively against its Apple counterpart, offering a compelling value proposition.

As the launch date approaches, additional details regarding the Vivo X100s series are sure to emerge. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this exciting new lineup of smartphones.

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