What are the latest free channels added to Google TV and how many new channels were launched as part of the June 2024 update?

By Deepika Jun 29, 2024 #June 2024 update
What are the latest free channels added to Google TV and how many new channels were launched as part of the June 2024 update?

Google TV Enriches Its Free Channel Library with 10 New Additions

Google TV’s Growing Empire of Free Channels

Google TV’s commitment to expanding its library of free channels has been gaining momentum, with the platform now boasting over 130 such channels. This ever-growing collection, launched in 2023, has been a highlight of the platform, offering a vast array of content to users.

The Latest Batch of Free Gems

As part of its June 2024 update, Google TV has unveiled 10 new channels to further enhance its offerings. These additions include:

  • FilmRise Western: Dive into the iconic world of Western films with a dedicated channel showcasing classic and contemporary Westerns.
  • ION+: Enjoy a mix of entertainment, news, and lifestyle content from the popular ION Television network.
  • Johnny Carson TV: Take a trip down memory lane with the legendary late-night talk show featuring the witty humor and memorable guests of Johnny Carson.
  • Noticias Telemundo Ahora: Stay informed with the latest news and current events from the Spanish-language Telemundo network.
  • Property & Reno: Discover home improvement and renovation inspiration with this channel dedicated to all things property and design.
  • Real Disaster Channel: Get a glimpse into the aftermath of real-life disasters, from natural calamities to human-made accidents.
  • Supermarket Sweep: Relive the excitement of the classic game show where contestants race to fill their carts with groceries.
  • The FBI Files: Delve into the cases and investigations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, uncovering thrilling stories of crime and detection.
  • World’s Wildest Police Videos: Prepare for a wild ride with this channel showcasing the most outrageous and adrenaline-pumping police encounters.
  • Yahoo Finance: Stay up-to-date on the latest financial news and market trends from Yahoo Finance.

Growing Popularity and Future Prospects

These new channels join the already impressive lineup of over 800 free FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) channels available on Google TV. While the majority of these channels are sourced from content partners like Tubi, Plex, Pluto TV, and Haystack, Google’s own collection of channels has been steadily expanding.

Google’s focus on these free channels stems from their potential as a revenue generator through its recently launched Google TV Network. This network allows advertisers to target viewers on Google TV devices and smart TVs with ads, hinting at the possibility of more free channels in the future.

How to Access the Free Channels

Accessing these free channels is as simple as navigating to the Live tab on your Google TV device. Under “Free built-in channels,” select “Google TV” to find the curated collection of channels. No third-party app installations are required, making it a seamless experience for users.


Google TV’s ever-expanding library of free channels is a testament to the platform’s commitment to providing a wide range of entertainment options to its users. With over 130 Google-owned channels and a growing number of content partners, Google TV is solidifying its position as a hub for both premium and free content.

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