What are the key highlights of Nokias acquisition of Infinera and how will it impact Nokias optical network business?

What are the key highlights of Nokia's acquisition of Infinera and how will it impact Nokia's optical network business?

Nokia’s Acquisition of Infinera: A Strategic Move to Boost Optical Network Business

Key Highlights

In a significant move, telecommunications giant Nokia has announced the acquisition of Infinera, a leading provider of optical networking solutions and optical semiconductors. Here are the key highlights of this deal:

  • Strengthening Optical Network Portfolio: The acquisition aims to enhance Nokia’s optical business, particularly in North America. Infinera’s offerings complement Nokia’s existing portfolio, enabling the company to provide a broader range of products and solutions to its customers.
  • Increased Technology Capabilities: Infinera brings expertise in optical semiconductors and innovative networking technologies. By integrating these capabilities, Nokia aims to improve its technological leadership in optical networks and deliver enhanced solutions to its clients.
  • Financial Synergies: Nokia expects to achieve substantial financial benefits from the acquisition. The company targets net comparable operating profit synergies of EUR 200 million by 2027, driven by increased scale, efficiency, and growth opportunities.

Impact on Nokia’s Optical Network Business

The acquisition of Infinera is expected to have a transformative impact on Nokia’s optical network business:

  • Enhanced Market Position: The combined entity will gain a stronger market position, especially in North America, where Infinera has a significant presence. This will allow Nokia to expand its customer reach and compete more effectively in the growing optical networking market.
  • Double-digit Operating Margin: Nokia anticipates achieving a double-digit operating margin in its optical network business post-acquisition. This improved profitability will enable the company to invest in innovation, expand its service offerings, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Accelerated Growth: Infinera’s expertise in high-speed optical technologies aligns with Nokia’s growth strategy in the telecommunications sector. By integrating Infinera’s products and solutions, Nokia aims to accelerate its growth trajectory and capitalize on the increasing demand for high-bandwidth networks.


Nokia’s acquisition of Infinera is a strategic move that strengthens the company’s optical network business, expands its market reach, and improves its financial performance. It is a testament to Nokia’s commitment to investing in innovative technologies and delivering cutting-edge solutions to its customers in the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape.

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