What are the drawbacks of Moto G64 5G’s camera performance under low-light conditions?

What are the drawbacks of Moto G64 5G's camera performance under low-light conditions?

## Drawbacks of Moto G64 5G’s Camera Performance in Low-Light Conditions

Moto G64 5G, the latest budget smartphone from Motorola, offers a promising package of features and performance at an affordable price. However, its camera performance, particularly in low-light conditions, falls short of expectations.

Grainy and Blurred Images

In low-light environments, the G64 5G’s camera struggles to capture clear and detailed images. The resulting shots often appear grainy and blurred, lacking the sharpness and clarity found in better-performing cameras. This limitation can be frustrating for users who want to capture memorable moments in dim or night-time settings.

Multiple Attempts for a Satisfactory Shot

The camera’s inability to adequately capture low-light images often requires multiple attempts to obtain a satisfactory result. Users may need to experiment with different shooting modes, adjust exposure settings, and take multiple shots to get a decent image. This time-consuming process can be off-putting for casual users who want to capture moments quickly and effortlessly.

Low Color Accuracy

In addition to graininess and blur, the G64 5G’s camera also suffers from low color accuracy in low-light conditions. Colors often appear muted, washed-out, or overly saturated, resulting in images that lack the vibrancy and realism of well-optimized cameras. This drawback affects both still images and video recordings.

Lack of Detailing in Night Mode

While the G64 5G features a Night Mode to enhance low-light performance, it fails to deliver on its promise. Images captured in Night Mode often lack detail and clarity, with excessive noise and reduced sharpness. The resulting shots may appear muddy or unfocused, especially when viewed on a larger screen or printed.


In conclusion, while the Moto G64 5G provides a good overall experience for its price, its camera performance in low-light conditions is a notable drawback. Graininess, blur, lack of color accuracy, and poor detailing in Night Mode can hinder the user’s ability to capture quality images in dim or night-time settings. For users who prioritize camera performance, particularly in low-light situations, it is advisable to consider other options or explore smartphones with dedicated low-light photography capabilities.

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