What are the changes in NVIDIAs supplier certification process and how are companies like AOSL benefiting from it?

What are the changes in NVIDIA's supplier certification process and how are companies like AOSL benefiting from it?

**NVIDIA Streamlines Supplier Certification, Opening Doors for AOSL and More**


NVIDIA, a leader in computing technologies, has recently made significant changes to its supplier certification process. This move is expected to accelerate the adoption of its latest AI chip, the GB200, and benefit companies like Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Ltd (AOSL).

**NVIDIA’s New Certification Process**

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announced plans to release new versions of its flagship AI chips annually. While this enhances NVIDIA’s competitive edge, it also requires faster supplier onboarding. To address this challenge, NVIDIA has integrated the procurement and certification of AI system components to expedite the certification of suppliers.

For suppliers like AOSL, who have already obtained HGX/DGX H100 certification, the GB200 certification process becomes simpler and entry into the GB200 supply chain is accelerated.

**AOSL’s Leading Beneficiary Status**

AOSL, a supplier of MOSFETs and power ICs for HGX/DGX H100 systems, is expected to become a new GB200 supplier. The company’s established presence in the market and the simplified certification process position it to gain market share from competitors like Renesas and MPS.

**Accelerating GB200 Supplier Adoption**

NVIDIA’s streamlined certification process is incentivizing more companies to pursue GB200 supplier status. Analysts from TF International Securities believe this will make the GB200 supply chain a compelling investment focus in the second half of 2024.

**Impact on NVIDIA’s AI Ecosystem**

Faster onboarding of suppliers will enable NVIDIA to rapidly scale up its GB200 production and distribution. This will benefit customers by providing access to the latest AI technologies and driving innovation in the AI industry.


NVIDIA’s supplier certification changes streamline the process, opening doors for new suppliers like AOSL to join the GB200 supply chain. This move will accelerate the adoption of the GB200 chip, benefit the AI ecosystem, and provide investors with new opportunities in the rapidly growing AI market.

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