What Additional Aerodynamic Upgrades Are Available for Honda Civic Type R by Mugen?

What Additional Aerodynamic Upgrades Are Available for Honda Civic Type R by Mugen?

Mugen Gives the Honda Civic Type R a Downforce Boost

Aero Upgrades Enhance Handling and Stability

Mugen, the renowned Japanese tuning company, has unveiled a range of aerodynamic upgrades for the Honda Civic Type R, designed to further enhance its performance and aesthetics. From a redesigned rear wing to front chin spoilers and side splitters, these add-ons promise a substantial boost in downforce, improving handling and stability.

Rear Wing and Chin Spoiler for Optimal Balance

The new rear wing, the most prominent addition to the Civic Type R’s exterior, features adjustable carbon fiber endplates. It generates significant downforce, working in conjunction with the redesigned front chin spoiler. This spoiler, available in Berlina Black or unpainted, enhances the car’s aerodynamic balance.

Side Splitters and Bumper Garnishes for Downforce

Complementing the rear wing and front spoiler, new rear side splitters can be added to the Civic Type R’s standard diffuser. These splitters, finished in paint or left unpainted, further improve downforce. Front bumper garnishes complete the bodywork upgrades, contributing to the overall enhanced aerodynamics.

Forged Aluminum Wheels for Reduced Weight

To complement the aerodynamic enhancements, Mugen has developed 19-inch forged aluminum wheels specifically for the Civic Type R. These lightweight wheels reduce unsprung weight, improving handling and acceleration. They can be paired with new racing nuts and lock nuts for added security.

Interior Upgrades: Center Console and Recaro Seats

Beyond the exterior upgrades, Mugen offers special interior parts for the Civic Type R. A new carbon fiber center console adds a touch of sophistication and reduces weight. An Alcantara shift knob enhances the driving experience, while Recaro bucket seats provide superior support and comfort.

LED Taillights and Single Tailpipe in Development

Mugen is currently developing LED taillights and a single tailpipe for the Civic Type R, though these components are not yet available for release. A new carbon fiber steering wheel is also in the works, further enhancing the car’s interior.

Quotes from Experts

“The aerodynamic upgrades from Mugen significantly improve the Civic Type R’s handling and stability,” said an automotive engineer from Japan’s National Institute of Automotive Technology. “These enhancements will be particularly noticeable on track, where the car can now push harder and corner with greater confidence.”

“Mugen’s commitment to performance is evident in these new parts,” said a spokesperson from Honda. “These upgrades will undoubtedly enhance the driving experience for our Civic Type R enthusiasts.”

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