Unveiling the TWR Supercat Restomodded Jaguar XJS: A Retro Revolution by Designer Duo Khyzyl Saleem and Magnus Walker

Unveiling the TWR Supercat Restomodded Jaguar XJS

TWR Supercat: Unveiling the Modern-Day Jaguar XJS with a Retro Twist

Designer Duo Collaborates on Cutting-Edge Restmod

Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) has made a grand comeback with the unveiling of the TWR Supercat, a restomodded Jaguar XJS coupe imbued with racing spirit. This exceptional vehicle is the brainchild of lead designer Khyzyl Saleem and design consultant Magnus Walker, two renowned names in the world of automotive aesthetics.

Under the Hood: Power and Performance Unleashed

The TWR Supercat boasts a roaring supercharged V12 engine tucked under its hood, promising an exhilarating ride with over 600 horsepower at its disposal. While precise engine specifications remain under wraps until the official summer reveal, the sheer power output hints at a thrilling driving experience. To harness this raw energy, TWR has meticulously assembled an engineering team hailing from industry giants such as McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, and Renault F1, ensuring that the Supercat’s handling prowess matches its impressive power.

Striking Design: A Nod to the Past with a Modern Twist

The Supercat’s exterior design pays homage to the iconic Jaguar XJS while embracing modern elements. Its sleek silhouette evokes nostalgia, but the LED headlights and other subtle touches bring it into the 21st century. However, the overall design has sparked mixed reactions, with some critics questioning whether it successfully bridges the gap between classic and contemporary.

Limited Edition Exclusivity: A Rare Commodity

TWR plans to produce only 88 examples of the Supercat, making it an exclusive collector’s item. With a starting price of $281,521, it is certainly not within everyone’s reach. For those fortunate enough to secure an allocation, a refundable deposit of $12,512 is required. Deliveries are scheduled to commence in the fourth quarter of this year.

Restomod or Retro Revolution?

The TWR Supercat is a testament to the growing trend of restomods, where classic cars are reborn with modern upgrades. It represents a blending of nostalgia and innovation, offering a unique driving experience that combines the charm of the past with the performance of the present. Whether it fully captures the essence of a modern-day Jaguar XJS is a matter of personal taste, but one thing is for sure: the TWR Supercat is a bold and captivating automotive creation that has certainly turned heads in the automotive world.

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