The Achieva SCX: A High-Performance Oldsmobile for Showroom Stock Racing in the 1990s

The Achieva SCX

The Achieva SCX: A High-Performance Oldsmobile for Showroom Stock Racing

The Quad4 Engine: A Masterpiece Under the Hood

In the early 1990s, Oldsmobile entered the world of showroom stock racing with a vengeance. Their weapon of choice was the Achieva SCX, a high-performance sedan that could compete with the best of them.

One of the keys to the Achieva SCX’s success was its engine, the Quad4. This innovative four-cylinder engine was developed by General Motors and featured dual-overhead cams, a first for a domestic automaker. The W41 version found in the Achieva SCX produced an impressive 190 horsepower.

Racing Roots and Track Dominance

The Quad4 engine’s racing roots were evident on the track. In fact, the Oldsmobile Aurora V8, which was closely related to the Quad4, dominated the Indy Racing League from 1997 to 2001. Every year during that period, an Oldsmobile-powered car won the prestigious Indianapolis 500.

The Aurora: A Final Attempt at Revival

In a last-ditch effort to revitalize Oldsmobile, General Motors introduced the Aurora in 1994. This stylish sedan featured a host of futuristic features and powerful performance. However, despite its impressive qualities, the Aurora failed to revive the brand, and Oldsmobile eventually met its demise in 2004.

Legacy of Innovation and Performance

Despite Oldsmobile’s untimely demise, its legacy of innovation and performance lives on. The Achieva SCX and its Quad4 engine are a testament to the automaker’s engineering prowess, and the Aurora remains a reminder of its commitment to style and luxury.

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