Leaked iPad Models: A Sneak Peek into Apples Upcoming Lineup

Leaked iPad Models


Leaked iPad Models: What’s Expected in Apple’s Upcoming Lineup?

Apple’s Upcoming iPad Lineup: What We Know So Far

A recent leak has sent waves through the tech community, hinting at Apple’s ambitious plans for its iPad lineup. The information comes from data dives into beta code and has been shared across social platforms, shedding light on potential new models and their specifications. While excitement is running high, it’s important to note that these details are still unconfirmed. Let’s break down what we know about these rumored iPads.

Apple’s Current Collection

To set the stage, Apple’s current lineup includes various iterations of the iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. Among these, the iPad Pro stands out with its powerful M4 chip, catering to more demanding users. But the landscape may soon evolve if these leaks are anything to go by.

The Leak: A Rundown

The identifiers, originally sourced by Nicolas Alvarez and shared by @Aaronp613 on X (formerly Twitter), suggest a slew of new devices are in the pipeline. These identifiers serve as unique tags within Apple’s ecosystem to designate specific hardware. While it’s crucial to remember that these remain educated guesses, they do give us a valuable sneak peek.

Future Hardware

The list of potential new devices includes:

  • iPad15,7 and iPad15,8: These are believed to be the 11th-generation iPads, expected to come with Wi-Fi and Cellular options, running on the A16 chip.
  • iPad16,1 and iPad16,2: These identifiers likely refer to the 7th-generation iPad mini, also offering Wi-Fi and Cellular variants but powered by an A17 chip.
  • iPad17,1 to iPad17,4: Thought to be the next-gen iPad Pro models, these tablets are expected to come equipped with the new M5 chip. The first two identifiers are for the 11-inch version with Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity, while the latter two are for the larger 13-inch models.

Scrapped iPads

Interestingly, some identifiers suggest models that may have been scrapped during development:

  • iPad13,20 and iPad13,21: These were intended to be base models with Wi-Fi and Cellular options, powered by the A14 chip.
  • iPad15,3 to iPad15,6: These were set to be iPad Pro models featuring the M3 chip. Given that the current models already utilize the M4 chip, the M3 version launch seems highly unlikely now.

Timeline and Launch Expectations

While the exact launch dates are still under wraps, speculations suggest that the 11th-generation iPad could make an appearance within a few months. However, the iPad Pro updates featuring the M5 chip might not debut anytime soon, potentially arriving in 2025. This timing aligns with Apple’s history of rolling out significant iPad updates every few years.

Software Upgrades

It’s not just the hardware that’s getting a boost; the software will see enhancements too. Apple gave us a glimpse of iPadOS 18 during the WWDC, showcasing performance upgrades and new features tailored for M-powered iPads. Among the most anticipated upgrades is Apple Intelligence, set to arrive on M-chip devices, promising improved user experience and enhanced capabilities.

In Summary

The leaked identifiers have indeed stirred a mix of excitement and curiosity. While we await official confirmation, the potential upgrades look promising, catering to both casual users and power consumers. Keep an eye on this space as more details emerge, and stay tuned for what could be an exciting year for Apple’s iPad lineup.

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