Introducing the Colorful and Modular Nothing CMF Phone 1: A Refreshing Take on Smartphones

Introducing the Colorful and Modular Nothing CMF Phone 1

The Unique Features of Nothing CMF Phone 1

A Unique Twist on Smartphones: An In-Depth Look at the Nothing CMF Phone 1

The smartphone market has been flooded with countless devices that often look and function the same. However, Nothing’s latest offering, the CMF Phone 1, shakes things up with a splash of nostalgia and an array of unique features. This phone is designed to appeal to those who crave something different. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Nothing CMF Phone 1 stand out.

Eye-Catching Design

With its vibrant orange casing and semi-modular design, the CMF Phone 1 is a head-turner. Unlike the typical black, white, or silver smartphones, the CMF Phone 1 opts for a playful color that catches the eye immediately.

What’s truly unique is the phone’s exterior made of matte plastic. This might remind some folks of the colorful iPhone 5c. It’s comfortable to hold, feels like a toy, and isn’t slippery. The phone also features a removable back cover, which can be swapped in just five minutes using a screwdriver. These covers come in different colors, so you can change things up without buying a new phone.

Nothing CMF Phone 1

Modular Accessories

A rotary dial on the bottom right of the phone allows you to attach various accessories. Want to connect a funky lanyard, a stand, or a cardholder? It’s as simple as swapping the rotary dial. While the modularity is not extensive, it adds a layer of personalization that’s rare in today’s market.

Display and Speakers

The CMF Phone 1 boasts a Samsung-made AMOLED panel with a 6.67-inch screen size and a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. It supports a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, making scrolling and video playback smooth and enjoyable. Watching videos or browsing through photos on such a large screen is a delight, and the stereo speakers are impressively loud.

Performance and Battery Life

The phone features a MediaTek Dimensity 7300 processor and comes with options of 6GB or 8GB RAM, coupled with 128GB of storage. The performance is robust enough for everyday tasks like browsing, watching videos, and even light gaming. The CMF Phone 1 might not have the fastest processor, but it is more than capable for most users.

The battery life is another strong point. The 5000mAh battery can last up to two days on a single charge, depending on usage. It also supports 33W fast charging. Though it lacks wireless charging, the rapid recharge time makes up for it.

User Interface

The phone runs on Nothing OS 2.6.0, which is based on Android 14. What sets this software apart is its funky, stock-like interface featuring dot-matrix art, monochrome icons, and large folders and widgets. It may take some getting used to, but it certainly adds an extra layer of uniqueness.

Camera Capabilities

On the photography front, the CMF Phone 1 has three cameras: two on the back (50 MP main + Portrait sensor) and a 16MP selfie camera. Daylight photos are sharp with vibrant colors, while low-light photos lose some detail. Nonetheless, the camera setup is decent for the price point, offering good quality in favorable lighting conditions.

Price and Availability

Starting at Rs 15,999 for the 6GB RAM variant and Rs 17,999 for the 8GB RAM variant, the CMF Phone 1 is quite affordable. The phone is available for purchase via Flipkart, and there are limited-time discounts and offers to make it even more accessible.

  • 6GB RAM + 128GB storage: Rs 15,999
  • 8GB RAM + 128GB storage: Rs 17,999

Add-on accessories, such as lanyards, stands, and cardholders, are available separately. The back covers in different colors also come with a screwdriver for easy swapping, priced at Rs 1,499 each.


In a market crowded with similar-looking devices, the Nothing CMF Phone 1 stands out with its playful design, modular accessories, and solid performance. Priced affordably, it offers a refreshing experience that many will find delightful. While it may not compete with high-end flagships on every front, the CMF Phone 1 brings a much-needed fun factor to the smartphone world.

For those eager to break away from the norm and inject some personality into their tech, the Nothing CMF Phone 1 is a compelling choice.

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