How to Fix VPN Failures in Windows 11 Caused by April Updates?

How to Fix VPN Failures in Windows 11 Caused by April Updates?

Windows 11 VPN Woes: Fixes for April Update Failures

For those experiencing VPN connection troubles on their Windows 11 systems, Microsoft has heard your cries and delivered a timely solution. The April updates brought an unwelcome guest – broken VPN connections – but the latest Patch Tuesday updates have come to the rescue.

The Problem: VPN Roadblock

Back in April, Microsoft’s security and non-security updates for Windows 11 unleashed an unforeseen consequence: VPN connections took a nosedive. Affected users found themselves unable to establish a stable connection, hampering their ability to securely access remote networks.

The Fix: May Patch Tuesday to the Rescue

Fast forward to May, and Microsoft has come to the rescue with the May Patch Tuesday updates. These updates, KB5037771 for Windows 11 and KB5037768 for Windows 10 version 22H2, carry the much-needed fix for the VPN connection woes.

Applying the Fix

To apply the fix, simply install the latest security update for your device. Not only will it address the VPN issue, but it will also include other important improvements and bug fixes.

Additional Notes

While the May Patch Tuesday updates have addressed the VPN connection failures, one known bug remains unresolved. Users are still unable to change profile pictures for their local accounts. For a workaround, you can manually change the image as outlined in our separate article.

For more details on the May 2024 Patch Tuesday updates, head over to the official Microsoft support pages for Windows 10 and Windows 11.
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